Daily Rhythms with Anchor Points and Pressure Valves


Anchor Points Make Days Predictable and Flexible These days, I don’t write out a minute by minute schedule to plan each day. Forget minutes–I don’t write out hourly schedules, either. Our days are fairly predictable with expected routines, but they also have a lot unstructured kid free time spaced throughout the day. We like to call the […]

Links to Think: 08.06.12

Why Bother with the Humanities in a Time of Crisis? – This article proposes answers to a question that we have not had to ask much on American soil. But it also answers a question (“Why should I study if I just need to urgently take the Gospel to the world?”) that created much mental conflict in my […]

Links to Think: 07.16.12

“Why Bragging About Your Sex Life Isn’t Just Annoying“ – Sharon Hodde Miller adds some additional thoughts to Tim Challies recent article, “Keeping Intimate Details Intimate.” Her post also discusses some of the misguided messages about marriage an sex that I wrote about here, in my review of Tim and Kathy Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage. […]

Links to Think: 01.14.12


A Brutal Chapter in North Carolina’s Eugenics Past – NPR has an article on forced sterilization in North Carolina. “A lot of people were wrestling with this question back then. Some powerful elites, including heirs to Procter & Gamble, Hanes Hosiery and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, formed a group called the Human Betterment League. They published glossy brochures that […]

Big Bubbles, Beads, Bouncing, Baths

The last few weeks we’ve been doing some fun experiments: We made a giant bubble and went inside. Yes, we let our kids put their heads inside a plastic bag. Actually, it was so large that our whole family could (and did) go inside. You can read about how to make one here, though the […]