Reading 2013: Bread & Wine


At this point in my life, it is rare that life should bring me to tears, though sometimes books and movies get me closer to that point (well, along with too little sleep). But a book about food? There were no heaving sobs, but Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table [...]

Daily Rhythms with Anchor Points and Pressure Valves


Anchor Points Make Days Predictable and Flexible These days, I don’t write out a minute by minute schedule to plan each day. Forget minutes–I don’t write out hourly schedules, either. Our days are fairly predictable with expected routines, but they also have a lot unstructured kid free time spaced throughout the day. We like to call the [...]

Living Room Redo


Here’s the Before: The After: How It Came Together When we moved into this house, all the wall paint was flat paint. There were lots of stains and marks on the wall, and wiping them off didn’t help much. Since the house has an open floor plan, we’ve gradually been painting rooms over the past [...]

Buttermilk Lemon-Blueberry Scones

I picked up a 1/2 gallon of buttermilk marked down to 50 cents the other day, and hoped to experiment with it. When I think of buttermilk, I think of making pancakes, ranch dressing, scones, or mashed potatoes. I know there are lots of other options, but I knew I could at least make one [...]

The Joy of Coming and Making Home

This week marks a unique point in my life. No, it’s not my anniversary, my husband’s birthday, or even my own birthday.   It’s the week I began as a full-time homemaker, one year ago.  I’m at home because I’m Hana Kate’s Mommy, but I’m also at home because I Daniel’s wife.