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9 Great Fall and Thanksgiving DIY Activities

craft collage zylie the bear kids activities

Over the past several months, I’ve been working with Zylie and Friends to create content for the Passport section of their site, featuring some great craft ideas and a pretty amazing writing contest (the prize is a trip to NYC!!).

Here are nine of my favorite activities (crafts + a recipe) that relate to Fall and Thanksgiving:

1. Chineese Egg Drop Soup

2. African Thumb Piano (It really plays!)

3. Plastic Bottle Turkey Bowling

4. Easy Paper Pilgrim Hats (for bear and child)

5. Hanging Gratitude Leaf Mobile (my favorite, I think! :))

6. Coffee Filter Colored Leaves

7. Floating Mayflower Boats

8. Butterfly Window Mosaic

9. DIY Holiday Scratch Art Cards (I found it pretty cool that you can make these, even if it’s a little messy!)

Many of the remaining activities are designed to go with the books that accompany the bears, Zylie and Shen. The books are actually free to read online here. And the awesome Adventure Kits (bear + book + outfit + accessories) are here.

5 Free Books

The Kindle edition of Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living is currently listed as free for digital download on Amazon.


Feed Reads Jan 9, 2010

Student Global Impact Conference MP3s Daniel and I were kind of sad to miss the 10th anniversary SGI conference this year, especially when his youngest brother returned and we saw his stack of books and conference notebook. Our pastor also spoke at the conference. So we were glad to learn that the audio is available on the Missions Mandate site.

Eclectic Culture Farm Living Off-Grid Daily Journal This family lives off the grid (no electricity) and works hard! This week they’ve been journaling their daily experience. They also started a new Master of the Land course where you can go and work on the farm and learn how they live off the grid. (Entrepreneurial genius–killing 2 birds with one stone.) I’d love to do that one day! If you’re wondering how they blog, they use batteries. Yeah, spelling and grammar are off here and there, but mine would be too if I lived off the grid.

Envelope System Tutorial Tutorial for some super cute budget envelopes if you use the Dave Ramsey envelope system. I think this would also work great to use with coupons for people (like me) who don’t like to take in the giant coupon binder and would rather have coupons in a smaller notebook or wallet. :)

Coupon for Free Fruit and Nuts with purchase at Earth Fare. Good deal if you live where I do.

To Wake Wanting Jesus Ann Voskamp shares lessons learned from her daughter’s desire to see baby Jesus. Make sure to follow her link about Laura’s epiphany journey. Sometimes evangelicals throw out the baby with the bathwater (the baby being the liturgical calendar), and miss out on many of the symbols and lessons that truly to point our minds to Christ.

10 Ways to Encourage a Missionary My friend Carrie posted 10 ways to encourage a missionary, as a shorter version of the annotated list found at The Gospel Coalition’s blog.

Goals for the New Year Carrie also has a great post compiling helps for the new year.

Not to Late to Read Through Your Bible This Year. Desiring God offers several Bible reading plans to help you read through the Bible this year. In the past, I’ve used the M’Cheyne schedule, but this year I am attempting to read the Bible in 90 days, and Daniel is reading through the Bible chronologically this year.

Feed Reads are one way I plan on cataloging great online reads I find. Doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with everything I read or the authors..

July 7: Zaxby’s Freebeez!

Free Zaxby’s “The Nibbler,” July 7, 2:30-4:30p.m.


Free Postcards + FREE Postage without Leaving Home

I’ve definitely enjoyed using our photos as postcards, but even though I can use our free photos, postage will still cost (once I use up my free photo stamps). However, I recently discovered Hippopost, which allows you to upload a picture of your choice to be used as a postcard (you can also add a message). Hippopost will then print the postcard and the postage is covered by advertising (mailed to the US and Canada only–I’m guessing you could send them if you are located internationally, but would have to send them to a US or Canadian address).

They are able to do this for free by placing a small advertisement on the postcard. So long as you don’t mind sending a postcard that has an advertisement on it, this is a great freebie! I just ordered a postcard, so I’ll update once we receive it. If you’re on a trip and want to send a postcard–all you need is an internet connection and a digital photo (you can actually select one of their images and just add your message, too)!

Works for me!

See update here..


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