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    2012 Reading

    Seven Pillars to Improve Your Health

    April 4, 2013

    seven pillars

    At the end of last year, I read Don Colbert’s The Seven Pillars of Health: The Natural Way to Better Health for Life. Due to time constraints and holiday busyness, I didn’t review the book here. However, I found it beneficial to remind myself of these 7 important areas, and thought it helpful to list the seven pillars here.

    The book is written from a Christian perspective by a medical doctor, and this work has been a New York Times bestseller. However, such accolades weren’t due to the great hermeneutics. On that account, the book gets about a 1-star out of 10. Even though I agree with some of the author’s conclusions about God’s original design, I’m afraid most of his “proof-texts” are cherry-picked and pulled out of context. But if you can look beyond that, it’s a helpful book that takes a holistic view of health, and examines some of our most important health determinants.

    The Seven Pillars of Good Health:

    1. Water
    2. Sleep and Rest
    3. Living Food
    4. Exercise
    5. Detoxification 
    6. Nutritional Supplements 
    7. Coping with and Avoiding Stress

    The book does a good job of going in depth exploring the various ways these pillars can impact our health, and good explanation is given as to why we should and how we can work to maintain and/or restore good health.

    Going into the book, I felt I had with the author a similar idea of what natural health should look like, and also smiled when I read a few recommendations for some practices that might make others raise an eyebrow at me (e.g., not vaccinating). While I’ve tended to disagree with the section on nutritional supplements, I found Dr. Colbert’s argumentation and explanation for their use compelling (albeit, unsuccessfully persuasive for my full implementation to the degree he recommends). Reading the first chapter on water was helpful in that I did some further research and realized I need to be drinking a little bit more as a breastfeeding mother. I was helped in rounding out my knowledge in many of the other areas, as well.

    Like many productivity books that often simply restate what is common sense, this is a health book that shares areas most of us have probably, at the very least, heard we should be practicing a healthier lifestyle in. Yet, most of us aren’t as healthy in these areas as we could and should be. In every single chapter, I certainly learned new tips, suggestions, and practical advice for pursuing better health in each realm.

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