If you’re reading this, welcome to my little spot on the Internet. I’ve had this blog going almost eight years now, though under a variety of changing titles. Sometimes I share family life or book summaries, sometimes memories I want to remember, sometimes I share what’s on my heart and write to share with others, and on a few rare occasions I step up on a soap box. 😉 So, if you’re reading here, thanks.


I’m married to Daniel, and together we take joy in being parents to four beautiful kids, ages 1 to 8. I’m learning that being a mama to four kids is a lot(!) of work, and so writing (and a lot of other things!) sometimes gets placed on the back burner.


Reading, running, studying, drawing, natural living, cooking, anthropology, natural birth, medicine, photography, design, travel, theology, and writing are just a few of the areas that capture my interest. If I had a few more lifetimes, I’d love to pursue degrees and further education in most of these areas. Who knows; maybe I’ll still squeeze in a few.

When we were first married, we were on course to live overseas and work in missions in Madagascar. God changed our plans, but our desire to raise globally-informed children and learn from our neighbors all around the world has not changed. In 2013, we lived in Ecuador for 5 weeks, which was quite the adventure as we navigated a new country with my husband working full-time (remotely), kids adjusting, and no vehicle. But we still want to do it again! :) We had a super trip to Mexico in May 2015, as well.

In this season of life, I spend a lot of my time caring for our children and home, and spending time with my family and friends. Most of my good writing is done in my head late at night, and that rarely makes it outside my head. It always sounds better in my head, and by the time I write things out, that’s what you read here.

I recently finished up working with Zylie and Friends, a pretty awesome toy company whose founders created a doll-alternative teddy bear. I do some freelance writing and random remote jobs, as well, and am happy to consider providing services if interested. In between, I read books, and occasionally review them here.

awesomesauce publishing cover (1)

I’ve also published a children’s book, Awesomesauce Chicken, and Abide, an adult art therapy coloring book featuring 30 timeless hymns and original mandala artwork.

On the side, my husband and I invest in houses in Upstate, South Carolina, focusing primarily in the Greenville County region. If you have a property you are trying to sell, please feel free to contact us to see if we can help!

I am a believer in Jesus, and I suppose that if you’re wanting “labels,” orthodox, evangelical Christian should be sufficient.



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  1. We would like to get in touch with you and get together some time since we are so close here in Spartanburg. We were so surprised to have you come to Joan’s 80th birthday gathering. Please send us your address and email as well as your phone number. Our address is 310 Forestview Street, Spartanburg, SC 29301. Our phone is 864-595-8225 – cell is 864-310-3741. email is donaldsegar@att.net

    Uncle Don and Aunt Joan

  2. We would like to get together with you since we are so close here in Spartanburg 29301. Please send us your emaill and home address as well as phone number so we can reach you.

    Aunt Joan and Uncle Don
    310 Forestview Street 29301
    864-595-8225 (home)

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