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Links to Think: 15.02.16

February 16, 2015


Cutting the Chaos

After reading several books on productivity and saying no, I’m reminded again of how easy it has been for me to fall into the trap of equating busyness with productivity or a measure of my spirituality. So, I’m thankful for Sally Clarkson’s wise words in this post.

Busyness falsely promises productivity.

Studies show that 88% of mothers feel severely stressed and overcome with anxiety due to poor time management and difficulty prioritizing.

In a hectic world that is over-stimulated, constantly on our phones, computers, social media, rushing here and there, never stopping, we are we losing sight of what is truly important in the midst of the balancing act just to stay alive in the game. My mind ponders the fact that we were simply not designed to multitask to this extent. We often try so hard to juggle one million ideals, and once we drop one, then another, we feel defeated.

As mothers and wives, it is absolutely crucial that we learn to breathe, relax, and focus and center ourselves  on what should be prioritized. Life is short and ideals are constantly interrupted, so we need to be sure to focus on the most important ones.”

Being women of wisdom means setting realistic goals so that we don’t become drained. When we are constantly operating on a tank of gas that is almost empty, we have little in our hearts from which others may draw. It is so easy to listen to the voices of others and feel the guilt of performing up to other’s expectations, instead of committing to the limitations and strengths of our own puzzle of life.”

Do I Want My Wife To Be A Proverbs 31 Woman? Sorta, Kinda, Maybe.

While referencing “The Proverbs 31 Woman” is enough to make many people cringe these days, I appreciated this post by Stephen Altrogge. Though his article specifically addresses the hermeneutics of this particular chapter of Proverbs, it’s also beneficial to apply these same interpretive principles to all of Proverbs. And, “holy grail of biblical femininity” just makes me laugh. 🙂

“Ahhh, yes. The Proverbs 31 woman. The Holy Grail of biblical femininity. She is the Wonder Woman of Scripture, the unstoppable female juggernaut who conquers life with little or no difficulty. No woman has inspired more books, ministries, blogs, conferences, devotionals, mugs, feelings of guilt, and self-loathing than her.”

“Proverbs 31:10-31, as with every other passage in Scripture, needs to be interpreted in light of its context and authorial intent. In other words, we need to read these verses as the author originally intended them to be read.”

“These verses are not a cattle prod for a husband to use to goad his wife toward godliness. These verses are a springboard for a husband to shower encouragement on his wife. If you’re using these verses as a checklist, read them again and let them serve as a swift punch to the throat.

So does that mean the moral qualities espoused in Proverbs 31 don’t matter at all? Of course not. But we need to think carefully about what it means to really apply these verses.

Proverbs 31 are principles to be pursued, NOT practices to be prescribed. “

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