Some 2014 Goals and My “Word for the Year”

January 10, 2014


Since I do enjoy reading over other people’s goals, and it’s supposedly a good motivator, I decided to post some of my 2014 goals here.

In the past, I’ve gone about goal-setting in a variety of ways, including a monthly focus that works on just one area each month, specifically motivated to plan out goal by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. I’ve found that to be particularly helpful, along with setting goals within the parameters of setting SMART goals. My husband Daniel has written a lengthier article on setting goals here.

2014 in Goals

Since this is the Internet, not all of my goals or specifics would be helpful to myself, my family, or to others to share online. Others are intentionally vague, but posting them here will be beneficial to me and perhaps others. Here are a few of the areas I’m wanting to see growth in over the coming year:

1. Physical Fitness

A. Run 9 Miles Per Week
How I’m doing it: I’m planning to run a 5K (3.1 miles) 3 times per week.
Just under 2 weeks into this, I’m actually running 4-6 miles each time I run, and I may change my goal if that proves feasible. However, in times past I’ve set this goal to high and it ended up creating a barrier rather than a catalyst.

B. Be at Peak Fitness by the End of 2014
This a vague goal, but I intend to be in the best shape I’ve been by the end of 2014, barring pregnancy (since, historically, sometime within this year such events could occur). This is also vague because I’m willing to give myself grace, but the surrounding fitness goals are the support beams to this goal.

C. Be able to do 300/squats a day by the end of 2014.
I have a weak pelvic floor, but doing squats are an important part of growing in flexibilty and proper biomechanics, which as an end result will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. I’m a big fan of Katy Bowman‘s work on proper body alignment, body mechanics, and this article explains a little why and how 300 is my goal!

2. Intellectual

A. Read 80-100 Books (mentioned in this post)
B. Reach a level of basic conversational fluency in Spanish by the end of 2014.
C. Use Evernote to catalog thoughts, ideas, and resources.

3. Creativity

A. Write a non-book-related, non-link-related blog post twice per month.
B. Improve my photography.
C. Work on creating art in other forms.
D. Continue writing and improving writing in other realms.

4. Relationships

A. With my husband.
B. With my children.
C. With close friends and family.
D. With community.
E. With Extended community.
F. In Business Relationships
Through: Correspondence, improved personal contact, and where necessary, creating boundaries to prioritize more important relationships.

5. Spiritual

A. Read through the entire Bible, in Spanish and English.
B. Work on 1 Corinthians Project
C. Work on selected passages as an individual and as a family.

6. Business

A. Move further toward goal of creating self-sustaining household income.
B. Continue to read and research in specific fields.
C. Meet specific financial goal by the end of the year.


2014 in One Word

Apparently, condensing your focus for a year into just one year is a helpful exercise. At least, Pinterest and blogs would leave you to believe this to be true. I’m learning to value brevity over verbosity, so perhaps this would be a helpful exercise for me.

Way back in 2013, when I was thinking about doing this, several themes came to mind: maybe the word gratitude? Or creativity? Or work hard? Or rest? Or…

Particularly, I’ve felt that in this season of life I’ve often need the reminder to shift my thoughts from discontent or wanting what others have to choosing gratitude. And, I’ve felt the need to be more aware of the beauty that surrounds me, both in allowing myself to be a channel for creativity and in seeing the beauty that is out there.

But I think, a word that more deeply encapsulates what I’m going for and combines these and other elements is…


In 2014, it is my hope and prayer that this year will

awaken a sense of deep thankfulness and gratitude within me

awaken passions and creativity with 

awaken awareness to the needs and relationships both near and far

awaken in me a love for my family 

awaken in me a passion for knowing God

awaken within me the words that I so desperately want to get out of my mind and onto paper, tablet, or notes. 

Happy start to 2014!  

Do you share your goals? Or set any at all? 

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  • Johanna Hanson January 12, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    Love this! I do find it helpful and motivating to read through other people’s goals, but I also know the feeling of not really wanting to share them, too. 🙂 I plan on sharing, but I am not officially doing goals until February so I’ve got a little time left. 🙂

    Love your word!

    • Chelo January 25, 2014 at 1:48 am

      Like Johanna, I am also taking January to rest and reflect. And work on goals for the year. I love goal setting and have always found it helpful. But I am still unsure whether or not to share this years 🙂 I love your goal categories because I find a lot of similarities with what I want to aim for. One specifically is reading through the Bible in another language: Tagalog. I realized that I speak it fluently but have not read any Tagalog works/books ever since grade school.
      I also love the idea of having a word of the year.

      • Keren January 27, 2014 at 2:09 pm

        That sounds like a great plan, Chelo! 🙂 I think I usually need a season of break, at least a month long, in which I’m not over-focused on goals. (Tried to make it December this last time.) And many of my goals are non-shareable, but I’m already finding that sharing some of these has helped me push myself a little more. (Not that that many people even read here. ;))

        What a great goal! I am not bilingual (yet), but so much of the world is, which I find fascinating.

        Also, I was excited to see you have your site back up!! 🙂

    • Keren January 27, 2014 at 2:10 pm

      Looking forward to what you post in February!

      AND, you and Chelo both have newborns…so… 🙂