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Reading 2013: The In-Between

December 10, 2013
The In-Between by Jeff Goins book review

The In-Between by Jeff Goins book review

The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing by Jeff Goins is a fantastic book that happens to pack a lot of spectacular wisdom onto the rather brief number of pages in between (pun intended) the front and back cover.

Most of us spend our lives waiting for “the next big thing,” waiting to pursue our dreams, passions, and callings until just a few more of our ideals slide into place. We always see ourselves as pursuing “our life’s work” in the future,  so in the present we instead choose to chase shadow ideals or simply pace through such seasons with anxiety and impatience.

Even for many of us who, to others, seem to have arrived at our next big dream, it still feels like we’re waiting for the next big thing. Sometimes we fear contentment with the present because we conflate it with complacency. And I think that’s what this book is addressing for change–realizing the necessary tension that exists between now and next.

While we spend our time waiting for the next spectacular moment, in our rush to get there we  race past the beautiful moments that add up to a spectacular lifetime. This is a great inspirational yet practical book about making more of everyday life, and making every day count.

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