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Links to Think: 13.12.09

December 9, 2013


Thinking Through the Multicultural Church: Just because your church looks diverse doesn’t mean it is diverse. – An incredibly helpful article.

“One of the things I have said is that often pastors who say they have multiCULTURAL churches really have multiRACIAL churches. Both are good, but being multicultural is much harder than being multiracial.

You can be multiracial if you simply have “persons of color” who attend your church. They may work in the same places, go to the same movies, eat in the same restaurants, but they happen to be persons of African-American, Asian, Anglo, or even Latino descent. They are not necessarily steeped in a culture, but have assimilated to a common culture (or Orange County, or Manhattan, for example).

However, a multicultural church is not simply about skin tone, but about the intentional engagement of cultures. So a multicultural church will not simply have people who are African-American, but will engage to some degree in African-American cultural contexts. You will not just have people who are by their background from Latin America, but who will intentionally engage Latino culture(s) and context(s). You will not just have people who are second-generation Asian immigrants, but you will to some degree engage Asian cultural norms. And so on…”

Third, multi-cultural ministry slows down ministry.

In my own presentation at the conference I talked about the reality that a multi-cultural church will grow slower than a mono-cultural church. It’s simply a statistical reality that when everyone thinks similarly, they can engage others more quickly and more effectively and churches will grow. One reason for this is that healthy multicultural churches are built on cross-cultural relationships of transparency and trust; and these take much more time to form and develop than do those relationships with people of similar backgrounds. Furthermore, trust is not a commodity so easily assumed in a room full of people not like you.

Thus, if your only goal is growth, the best way to grow your church is to keep it homogenous. This has been a fact recognized in missiology for a long time, something called the homogenous unit principle.”

These Buildings Are Made with Skulls and Bones – An amazing look at some architecture made from human bones!


A Pizza Company Was An Online Hero Last Night During ‘The Sound of Music’ – If you followed Twitter during “The Sound of Music” Live, you may have caught wind of DiGiorno’s awesome use of social media.

“The Web was alive with the sound of pizza last night, as the DiGiorno brand took to Twitter to live-tweet Carrie Underwood’s performance as Maria Von Trapp in NBC’s live broadcast of “The Sound of Music.”

There was a lot to say about the musical. Most of the time, the DiGiorno account manager (who remains anonymous) tweeted the lyrics of iconic songs, changed most of the words to “pizza”, and strangely captured the hearts of the audience.”

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