Our Four-Year-Old Girl {Eden}

November 18, 2013


Eden turned four over the weekend, pushing the collected sum of our children’s ages into double digits.


Oh how my heart aches to be able to wax poetic, to write special letters and poems, to capture the beauty of this age with special photo shoots.

But I have what I have, and the time I have. If I wait for more, I’ll let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Sometimes, it’s the simple that captures the beauty the best, as we grow to remember these days.

Here are some things I want to remember about this age.


  • is “reserved,” but only around strangers. 
  • can make Hana Kate laugh like no one else.
  • IMG_1820 copy
  • adores her siblings, and is best buddies with Hana Kate. (On her birthday, she told me, “Hana Kate is my best sister!” I asked her if she was her best friend. “No. Just best sister. That’s better than best friends.”)
  • remembers tiny details from as early as eighteen months old, and certain memories are very treasured to her.
  • wants to “be little again.”
  • IMG_7382
  • started reading basic phonics at age two (didn’t post her 3rd birthday, sadly).
  • IMG_7379
  • loves The Chronicles of Narnia, and she, Hana Kate, and their animals reenact scenes from the books almost every day. Over the summer, she studied the Robin Lawrie illustrated version for hours on end each day. She’s also watched the BBC The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie, and goes around humming the theme song all day! 🙂
  • IMG_8013
  • loves music and singing
  • if given the choice of foods, she almost always chooses chocolate.
  • child-helping-zylie-the-bear-dressable-bear-make-napkin-holder-craft
  • is very tough and brave in certain areas. 
  • was bitten by wild dogs during our trip to Ecuador, but not badly injured. 
  • loves stuffed animals, especially Zylie, who has joined our family with me working for the company. 
  • can often be found playing quietly by herself, maybe meticulously organizing the dollhouse. 
  • 2013-05-30_1369932893 2013-05-30_1369946408
  • favorite color is pink.
  • in Ecuador, she hiked over six miles to the base of a mountain and back with Daniel.

I sometimes forget how little she still is, especially since she and Hana Kate do so much of life together. She is both mature for her age, and also sensitive/sheltered (they haven’t watched a Disney movie, and would have never made it through Narnia without having read it first!).


For her birthday, she requested hot dogs (Trader Joe’s has them without nitrates!), clementines, corn, and pink lemonade. And for the cake? “A baby bunny wif a cupthake.” So, we accommodated.


Uncle Andrew joined us for lunch and Daniel grilled the hot dogs. It was a bit of a later lunch than we’re used to, and between that and the excitement, it wasn’t our smoothest mealtime! 🙂


After the meal, Eden opened her presents: a CD of the BBC Narnia orchestration, and flashlight, and a fun bracelet kit. She made two bracelets right away and saved the others for later.

Since she’s been wearing size four for a while and she’s doing whatever Hana Kate does, I’m glad she finally fits the age I’ve viewed her as for a while. Hopefully I’ll stick her at four for a long time to come! 😉

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