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Links to Think: 13.11.18

November 18, 2013


Yes I Saw Your Text, But Don’t Expect Me to Respond Instantly – This is a helpful consideration for when we’re on either side of the phone.

“Many of us feel entitled to receive a quick response from the person we are communicating with, but the reality is there are plenty of valid reasons for not being able to respond. Texting and driving is a big problem in our hyper-digital world and unfortunately I believe these ungrounded expectations are a big reason that many people feel pressured to text while driving.”

“I’m not being rude on purpose. What I’m doing is living life and focusing on something more important than the latest viral video or cat picture, like keeping my eyes on the road. When someone doesn’t instantly respond to your message, don’t take it the wrong way. I listed a few good reasons for not answering, but the truth is that list is endless for every one of us.”

Dear Dr. MacArthur – For those following the recent “Strange Fire” controversy, this is a thoughtful response in the form of a letter from R.T. Kendall.

“I was not prepared however for some of the things you said. I had to reread some parts to be sure you said what I thought you said. First, if your book purports the danger of offending the Holy Spirit with counterfeit worship, I fear you are in greater danger of offending the Holy Spirit by attributing His work to Satan. Does this not worry you? You are risking an awful lot by counting on cessatonism to be totally true. You have tried to turn the hypothetical teaching of cessationism into a dogma.

Second, surprisingly, you imply that my predecessor Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones would agree with you. A major portion of my own book Holy Fire is devoted to what he believed regarding the gifts, the baptism and the immediate witness of the Holy Spirit. He was no cessationist; he loathed cessationism. Nearly every Pentecostal and charismatic in Britain knew he was their friend. Not only that; he has turned more of them into reformed thinkers than anybody in the twentieth century. He would be horrified that you dismiss as demonic all contemporary testimonies of experiencing the direct work of the Spirit. According to you, my own baptism with the Spirit was demonic even though it led me to reformed theology without reading a single word of John Calvin.

Third, to be consistent, if you have got it right, we should counsel new Christians to disregard many Scriptures – e.g. those that encourage us to believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb.13:8), that he still shows us when we are on the wrong track (Phil.3:15), that the Holy Spirit cannot speak today as he did to Philip (Acts 8:29) or that we should covet earnestly the best gifts (1 Cor.13:31).”

TIME LAPSE MAP OF EVERY NUCLEAR EXPLOSION EVER ON EARTH – This is a fascinating, albeit scary, look at 2053 nuclear explosions.

“Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a beautiful, undeniably scary time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project’s “Trinity” test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May of 1998. This leaves out North Korea’s two alleged nuclear tests in this past decade (the legitimacy of both of which is not 100% clear).

Each nation gets a blip and a flashing dot on the map whenever they detonate a nuclear weapon, with a running tally kept on the top and bottom bars of the screen. Hashimoto, who began the project in 2003, says that he created it with the goal of showing”the fear and folly of nuclear weapons.” It starts really slow — if you want to see real action, skip ahead to 1962 or so — but the buildup becomes overwhelming.”

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  • Erik Klaustermeyer November 19, 2013 at 10:21 am

    I couldn’t agree more about the texting. But amongst my friends it is almost universally understood that they are more of a “when you get time message”. I think it’s important to remember that just a few years back we didn’t have all of these great little gadgets. And with a world of knowledge and understanding at or fingertips most have chosen to play candy crush, look at Facebook, or listen to Pandora. There are definite advantages of having these things… But don’t let them reason for you or tell you what is important.