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October 28, 2013


Florida Cop Buys $100 in Groceries for Woman Caught Shoplifting Food – What a beautiful story in so many ways, yet so many hard questions to think about. (Interestingly, another similar story is making rounds.)

“A struggling Florida mom who was caught trying to shoplift hundreds of dollars of groceries ended up with food and a ride home from a kind-hearted police officer, instead of a ride to the stationhouse.

When Miami-Dade Police Officer Vicki Thomas, 55, was dispatched to look into a shoplifting case at a Publix grocery store, a store manager led her to Jessica Robles.

“She was crying. I said, ‘Okay, what did she take?’ And he pointed to a grocery cart that was full of groceries,” Thomas told ABCNews.com. “I’ve been on [the job] 23 years, and I went, wow.”

“She just filled up the grocery cart and she just walked out, which shocked me and I asked her, ‘Why?’” Thomas recalled. “She said, ‘My children were hungry.’ And that immediately impacted me.”

the junkless trunk: and not in a good way – As someone who has experienced pelvic floor issues, this is a helpful article on proper pelvic positioning for both exercise and daily posture. (I know for myself, for several years I postured my body in a way that I thought would make me appear more modest, trying to hide the fact that I had I had a female anatomy. Now, I reap consequences, but find myself on the a different end of things, of trying make make it appear like I have a “junkless trunk,” and again posture and align my body incorrectly.)

“Join the evolution! Here are five reasons not to tuck your bum during exercise (or ever):

1. A tucked under bum reduces the action of the pelvic floor. Studies have shown us that  the pelvic floor is least active when bums are tucked when compared to postural alignment that is untucked (Neutral pelvic tilt).  The result: a less active pelvic floor while exercising will lead to leaks with exertion and can contribute to hip and back aches during exercise.

2. If you run with bum tucked under, it keeps the “engine” for your run, forward in your quads. The result: a running style that is quad dominant. This results in an up/down bouncy cadence creating high impact as each foot hits the ground. The added impact of running up and down and the lack of balanced muscle action around the joints can lead to knee and foot pain.

3. A tucked under bum running posture and quad dominance, also means you cannot stride out behind you and use the gluts to power walking/running. The result: No glut support for hips and backs during running. When gluteus maximus engages,there is an upward lift of the pelvic floor. So no gluts also means no pelvic floor. No g(l)uts, no glory.”

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  • Johanna Hanson October 28, 2013 at 5:51 pm

    Thanks for sharing about the “junkless trunk.” I’ve had problems this pregnancy for the first time. Though it isn’t constant, it’s enough to be bothersome and some days quite painful. I do think I tend to “tuck” a lot….

    • Keren November 7, 2013 at 10:16 pm

      Me, too! Using “Down There for Women” by Katy Bowman (DVD) was helpful for me to work on things postpartum (it’s an app now, too, I believe). I need to get back to it after our move, too!