17 Months {Justus}

October 25, 2013


Seventeen months have simply flown by. And in that flying, so have our hearts soared with joy as we’ve watched our little boy grow, and grow, and grow.


And grow, he has! Earlier this week, cold weather hit, and so I put some twelve month clothes on him. What was supposed to be ankle-length was actually just-below-knee-length. The long and short of it? There’s been a lot of growing going on.

Tooth number nine has almost popped through, but not quite. Poor Justus loves meat, but has no molars to chew it up.


When I had only two girls, I watched many with boys and heard their claims, “he’s such a boy,” while secretly keeping to myself that my girls did similar things. And many other things I considered to be a product of the environment. But Justus is definitely a little boy. From loving to push along his toy cars and his undying devotion to following any dog he hears, he fits the classic description of toddler boy. And most injuries pass on unnoticed. Daniel and I frequently find each other asking one another where or how Justus mysteriously obtained blood and scrapes. But shh…he also loves to play with the dollhouse, carry around baby dolls, and brush his hair.

His most tearful moments usually occur when he is being, or feels he is being, excluded from some activity with his sisters. Thankfully, they usually include him, but occasionally he frustrates them, or vice versa.


Justus also loves reading books, whether sitting by himself staring at books for minutes on end, or being read to. We now include him in our nightly before-bed Narnia time, and he loves to be shown the pictures when Daniel shows the pages that have illustrations. He almost always gives a “courtesy laugh” when shown a page.


We are loving this stage, and really enjoying seeing Justus go through this period of development. The first of this month was a little rough with Justus being fussier than normal, not eating much during meals, and waking up a lot more at night. Right now, he usually wakes up around 10 or 11 to have a wet diaper, and occasionally will wake once or more afterwards. I just keep everything dark and nurse him back to sleep, so it’s not too big of a trouble.

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