16 Months {Justus}!

October 8, 2013


This was a big month for our family, including Justus growing yet another month older. Among other things, we moved! So, Justus got to attend his first house closing. It was during his naptime, but it wasn’t too bad other than him desperately wanting to be running around. We moved out, sold, bought, and moved in on the same day, so needless to say it was quite the day! (Good thing I didn’t write that sentence to realize that until after.) We don’t have grandparents nearby, so it was also quite the balancing act on our end, too. I was a little concerned with how the girls would handle the moving transition, but they actually did stellar. Justus was extra fussy the week that we moved, and for a few days after. Obviously, that made life a little challenging, but it’s good to be on this side of things for sure! 🙂



Right now he loves dogs, bugs, balls, and most living creatures. (I’ve even had to discourage his chasing of bees!) He adores his sisters, and is not content if they are doing something he isn’t able to join along with.


This has pros and cons. Pros, in that he is pretty amazing at doing some things that I wouldn’t have ever thought my girls could do at age 2. Cons, in that it provides a lot more frustration. He is drinking from a cup, but he is very disappointed when he can’t a cup of water or juice as successfully as his sisters are able.


Justus also got his first hair cut on September 6. Ironically, he has way more hair than his sisters had at this age. He absolutely loved getting a haircut. I had it done at our little Jellybeans salon, as the first haircut is just one penny and they give the child a special certificate when it’s done, along with a balloon and jellybean. The girls love getting haircuts, so I treated them to their annual haircut (seeing as it’s not growing very quickly :(), and Justus was very eager for his turn. He climbed right up on the table to have his hair washed, and then sat very still for his haircut. I’m glad his personality loves to do whatever his older sisters do, because it made this a very easy and fun event. 🙂 I took all 3 kids by myself, so managing them and taking pictures was a little tricky. Thankfully, Hana Kate snapped a few of Justus’s haircut while I stood with him.


Justus is starting to talk a little more, but is mostly where he was last month with his words.


What a cute and funny face!

He’s still nursing, eating hearty portions most of the time, using a cup, trying to go potty at times, skilled at removing his diaper if he the velcro-fastener diapers on, and generally growing way to quickly! 🙂



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