Links to Think: 13.09.09

September 9, 2013




The Women of the Afghanistan War – The Atlantic has a touching photo essay on the ways countless women have been affected by the war in Afghanistan.

Yet Another Viral Post on Poorly Dressed Girls – After the “FYI, If You’re A Teenage Girl” post by “Mrs. Hall” went viral, there have been a number of concerned responses. I appreciate that Wendy of Practical Theology for Women has compiled several of the posts that personally stood out to me, and also taken time to offer her own brief thoughts.

“It’s written by a mom who is concerned about the photos — selfies — the female friends of her sons post online. She draws the line pretty quickly and blocks their young friends who post pictures she feels are inappropriate. As the mother of sons, I sympathize with this concern. I do not want this post to attack this mom of boys, a women’s ministry leader at a Presbyterian church. She sounds very much like someone I would strongly identify with. Yet, like the way I had a strong gut reaction to Miley Cyrus’ role in the VMA Awards while ignoring Robin Thicke, I think the inconsistencies that her post spotlighted are worth considering.”

“If you’re unfamiliar with the terms slut-shaming or rape-culture, I suggest you do some online reading. The conversation that is going forward has some deep positive theological aspects to it, but it needs to happen within the Church in the context of the gospel, not outside of the Church where it sounds like the God of the Bible is not aware or concerned about these discrepancies. We need better ways of calling young women to value their identity in Christ than to shame them for innocently posting things or posting in a desperate cry for male attention that should signal to older mature Christian women a desperate cry for help. And we really, really need to have these conversations face to face with the young men and the young women in question. “

10 things I’d change if I could have a homeschool do-over – With little learners currently in my home (and not enrolled in any official school program), I love hearing advice from seasoned moms.”

1. Focus less on academics and more on play when my kids were younger. Don’t get me wrong, academics are absolutely important…but so is play. Sometimes, as homeschool parents, we get so excited about starting school with our kids that we forget to enjoy the days when everything is new and play is learning.

Sometimes we get so worried about proving to Grandma and Grandpa or nosy Aunt Sue – or ourselves – that homeschooling is really an okay choice for our kids that we push academics too early or too hard.”

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