15 Months {Justus}

September 4, 2013


I think this month it has dawned on me the more than others that Justus is now a little toddler boy! How much changes in a year–last year when he was just 3 months old at this time–not even crawling! And next year?…when he’ll be headed toward 2 1/2 years. Sigh…holding on while I can.

He seriously has one of the funniest little baby boys I’ve ever met! He brings so much joy and laughter to our family,

While he can still say a few words, his vocabulary hasn’t increased that much this past month, although his desire to communicate has! Mostly, he’ll point and say “eeee” or “aaaa” and gesture and motion his head to what he wants. Usually, this works out well, and we understand. But he tends to get a little upset when we don’t. šŸ˜‰


I am amazed at his pretending skills coming out–other than his family, one of his absolute favorites these days are “gog-gies!” (Dogs!) If he’s been thinking of them, or sometimes even if he just hears someone mention the word “dog,” he’ll get down on all fours and start crawling around saying “woof! woof!” Of course, it probably helps that he has sisters to watch perform pretend play. Sometimes when he sits up after waking up in the morning, he’ll start barking and smiling!

We are still nursing-to sleep for his naps and at night for bedtime, and still multiple time a night (which is fine with me, and it has helped me avoid many of the monthly woes of womanhood ;)). He’ll also occasionally nurse at other times in the day–like for comfort or his random requesting it.)

IĀ think we might be about to phase out two naps a day and go to just one nap. Sniff, sniff. Normally, he goes to bed around 7:30p.m. and sleeps till 7a.m. On normal days, he’ll take a nap at 10a.m. and then another at 3p.m. However, we’re about every other day with the 2 naps.

Justus is super tough physically–we didn’t even notice his first skinned knee! He’s now had several, and even some that bring some blood, which he only whimpered about. He’s more prone to crying over emotional pain or not being able to obtain something he wants.

He continues to love music and singing and dancing, and sometimes tries to sort of hum-sing along with us.

So much more I wanted to write about, but if I don’t post, I’ll probably be waiting until the next month’s update.

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