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Reading 2013: To Sell Is Human

August 28, 2013


At first glance, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink might seem like just another marketing book.

Selling, in the broad sense, isn’t a realm monopolized by entrepreneurs and telemarketers; it’s something we all do in some form or another. And that is the “surprising truth” Pink seeks to elaborate through this book.

By selling, Pink is referring to the process of motivating and moving others toward making decisions, buying products, or taking action. Consequentially, that involves pretty much all of us, at least in today’s world.

From selling a product, to popping the question, or to motivating a child to complete a task, we are all in the business of moving others.

I found this book to be both enlightening and practical. Pink makes a number of suggestions for reading material to expand on the ideas he presented in his book. As my husband likes to say of this author, “Pink makes you think.” (Incidentally, he also discusses how rhyming phrases are more likely to help move products and ideas than are their non-rhyming counterparts.)

Practically, I have kept in mind Pink’s compilation of research and dispelling of common assumptions as I’ve written e-mails, done some marketing for some work projects, progressed in the process of buying and selling houses and the contents within, and worked with teaching my children. And that’s just within a couple of weeks.

To Sell Is Human is a great reference book, as well. Pink’s recommendations and footnotes are valuable, and as the points presented in this book have time to further simmer in my mind, I know I’ll be going back to points that were simply words on a page at the time I read the book.

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