baby Justus

13 Months {Justus}

July 12, 2013


Justus celebrated his first month of being one in Ecuador! He turned 13 months just a few days before we left the country. {We are now back in the land of higher speed Internet, and I don’t need to worry as much about taking up bandwidth that Daniel needs for his work. Lots of catching up to do. I could use FB and Instagram on my phone, but this blog and e-mail where a little more challenging.}


What an amazing experience we had with him being in Ecuador for 5 weeks of his life, though I don’t know that he’ll have any memories of that time. However, I’m hoping some of the language he heard will stick and Spanish will be a little easier for him to learn.


He learned how to say “hola” and would say it everywhere we went, especially to animals. To get into town, we walked a 1.2 (or more) mile walk, and most of the way there, he was happily saying “hola” and waving. (I do have a video of him saying “hola,” which I hope to post. But I started writing this weeks ago, and if I keep waiting, pretty sure he’ll be onto the next month. :))


People also loved to hold him, and often these sweet older grandmas would hold him and just rattle off a conversation in Spanish. Or they would just smile and sway with him, chanting “Que Lindo!” or “Muy Precioso!”


Although traveling with a baby along with a three and five year old was challenging at times, I am so glad we had our happy, more extroverted little baby along for the ride. He really enriched the experience, and also made us sort of celebrities wherever we went (well, most places). I am also so thankful that the people of Ecuador do not treat Americans the way that American sadly treat the Hispanics who are in our country.

Current words: hola, thank you (though this one sounds kind of jumbled), Mama, Dada, Dee-da (Eden), Nana (Hana Kate), ba! (ball), da! (dog), maow (meow), uh-oh, bu-bye (bye), ta-ta (chau chau, informal goodbye in Spanish).


We didn’t have a bathtub in the house we stayed at in Ecuador, so he took showers with me during our stay. He learned to love them almost as much as a bath, and in his normal toughness, didn’t mind getting water in his eyes if it happened. Another favorite memory is of him running circles around the kitchen island in our house in Cotacachi. He is such a funny boy!


Justus is madly in love with dogs, and being in Ecuador only increased that obsession. He would often run out with both arms extended and try to chase down the dog to pet it. There are dogs everywhere in the area we were in, and thankfully, so long as they are not in groups of more than two or three, they are fairly friendly. And even rather patient with the little boy who loved to go up and squat down at eye level and say “hola” and try to pet. 🙂 One time he saw a dog, ran toward it, but fell on his way. He even hit his head, but he got up without a peep and kept running after the dog. Love this about him!


He weighs 20.5lbs (according to a bathroom scale–he’s now too big to use my baby scale), and is 30 inches tall. In 12-18 months clothes, and still wearing cloth diapers only–we made it through our Ecuador trip without using disposable. We are still happily breastfeeding, mostly at night and for naps, but also for comfort during the day, some, too.

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