Links to Think: 13.07.08

July 8, 2013



Living an Instagram Kind of Life – While I found some helpful thoughts in the recently viral article, “Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life” (title has since been changed), I felt this article lent further helpful perspective, as well.

“People who don’t use Instagram rip on those who do all the time. I’ve heard the comments such as, “people show off a glamorized picture of their lives.” That’s absolutely true. Or the comment of, “those filters make every picture look washed out.” Also, true. And finally the comment, “a picture never tells the whole story.”

All of these comments are true. Pictures don’t tell the whole story, they can only share one perspective on a moment. Most people try to take pictures that glamorize the moment, that isn’t an Instagram problem.

But maybe Instagram is onto something. Maybe the reason it’s one of the most popular social networks despite being as simple as sharing one picture at a time is because it gets at something we all know deep down.”

It’s this Instagram kind of life—a life lived moment by moment—that gives God-sized moments. Sure we can over glamorize our pictures and our moments, but let’s not undervalue them either.”

7 Reasons You Might Want to Go for Another Cup of Coffee – A post that makes me think of my husband: one healthy, disciplined, fit, hard-working man (and that’s just the top of the list), who also faithfully enjoys coffee. On the other hand, a cup for me usually keeps me up late into the night. But anyway, and interesting article, for coffee lovers and non-drinkers alike. (Of course, aren’t there benefits to most things in life that can also cause cancer if lab rats who get 1000x the appropriate dose?)

Coffee sometimes gets a bad rap, but its potential health benefits are reason enough to keep the beverage in your life.



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