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Reading 2013: The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies & Young Children

May 23, 2013


Her face was white and ashen, and she stood in silence after my husband told her we were taking our three kids to Ecuador for a five week trip. 

“Are you going on a missions trip?” “Do you have family there?” “So, you mean, you’re taking your kids with you?”

These are a few of the reactions we’ve encountered when people learn we’re headed to Ecuador with our three young children. Apparently, this is a rather scary revelation to some, but after reading  The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies & Young ChildrenI was reminded that such adventures are simply par for the course for many parents of babies and young children.

This guide by Fawzia Rasheed de Francisco covers many of the basics of traveling with children. For the seasoned family traveler, this won’t be groundbreaking advice. Most of the advice is geared for traveling internationally, though some advice is designed for those who simply want to take road trips.

We have traveled some with our children, but never overseas or to a third-world country. Daniel and I have both traveled to a number of foreign countries, yet this will be an entirely new experience for us. The lists and checksheets were particularly helpful in our preparations as we adapted a good deal to our choices, preferences, and particular accommodations. (I guess the real test of that will be in a few weeks from now!)

Fawzia divides the book into three main section: preparation, making the journey, and being there. Additionally, a fourth and final section covers regional specifics, divided by continent. The author also writes using British English, which may require some thinking (or Googling) for those unfamiliar with the expressions and terms that differ slightly from American English.

Table of Contents: 






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  • Johanna Hanson May 28, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Buying this! Must read. 🙂 And I’m so excited to hear about all your Ecuador adventures!

  • Erika June 18, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    What a fascinating and helpful-looking book! I’m finally catching up in my Reader (before it goes away!) and the title of this post made it a must read. I remember questions about our taking Emmalein to Germany for two weeks–she was 8 months and still primarily nursing–how else could we go?!? 🙂 What a thrilling opportunity you all have in Ecuador! Already read your travel post–looking forward to updates.