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Favorite Fitness Apps

April 26, 2013


 My Top Two Favorites

1. GymPact (Free)


If putting money on the line motivates you, GymPact could be a great accountability tool. I exercise at Anytime Fitness 3 days a week, and so this was a great way to add self-accountability (without broadcasting to the world every fitness move–great for others, but not something I was wanting in an accountability app).

Basically, you commit to working out a certain number of times each week, and if you miss that time, then you must pay $5 (via Paypal). However, for each time you attend that you’ve committed, you earn. It’s not much–usually about 30 cents per time, but it does add up. For me, probably enough to pay for gas for my trips to the fitness center.

Each workout must be at least 30 minutes long, and only one workout per day counts toward the week’s goals.

This app now allows users to “check-in” not only at a fitness center, but also to sync it with the RunKeeper app and check in that way. (My husband goes this route.)

If you’ve never used this app and sign up, you can use the code kneeKeren to give both you and me a $5 bonus. Once you earn $10, you can cash out your reward (via Paypal).

This has helped motivate me on weeks when I thought it might be better to forgo a workout at the end of the week. So far, I haven’t missed a workout that I’ve committed to. And I’m getting paid!

 2. Sworkit Pro ($.99 for pro; free for lite version; can also do online for free)


On the days that I don’t head to the fitness center (other than my rest day), I use Sworkit Pro at home. This is a great circuit training app, and I usually focus on core exercises and cardio. This is a great app for uncoordinated people such as myself, in that it includes a video demonstration of each exercise. 🙂

You can select what type of workout you want and then choose how long you want to work out. (I like to try to get in two 15 minute sets over the course of the day, sometimes a 10 minute cardo + a 5 minute core.) Then, the app announces which exercise you are to do. Each is set for 30 seconds, and then a new exercise is announced (giving approximately 4 after one exercise and while the next is announced). There are also 30-second rests scheduled in.

This is also great, because you don’t need any equipment other than your own body, so it is quite portable for exercise while traveling. (Though I recommend using some sort of padding or a yoga mat.) If you aren’t able to run or want to do an entire body workout without going to the gym or having to use a DVD, this is a great option that includes everything you need.

Additionally, I use Katy Bowman’s “Down There for Women” DVD from Aligned and Well (biomechanics; ancestral health approach) to try to improve my biomechanics. She now has apps available for some of the exercises, and I hope to try these in app form soon. (Although the DVD listed is for women, there are also exercises available for men.)


I’m still a good way off from where I want to be with my fitness and health, but at the same time I’ve also come a long way from where I was just a few years ago. These apps have been helpful tools, especially in more recent months. What favorites do you recommend?


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