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February 11, 2013


READING CUTS STRESS LEVELS BY 68%Okay, perhaps this seems like a bit of confirmation bias, but here’s another great reason to read–to your health!

“Reading is the best way to relax and even six minutes can be enough to reduce the stress levels by more than two thirds or 68%.

New research by consultancy Mindlab International at the University of Sussex says reading works better and faster than other methods to calm frazzled nerves such as listening to music, going for a walk or settling down with a cup of tea.”

“Psychologists believe this is because the human mind has to concentrate on reading and the distraction of being taken into a literary world eases the tensions in muscles and the heart.

The volunteers were monitored and their stress levels and heart rate were increased through a range of tests and exercises before they were then tested with a variety of traditional methods of relaxation.

Reading worked best, reducing stress levels by 68 per cent, said cognitive neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis. Subjects only needed to read, silently, for six minutes to slow down the heart rate and ease tension in the muscles, he found. In fact it got subjects to stress levels lower than before they started.”

Top 10 Reasons Our Kids Leave Church – Although it’s not a perfect or fully unbiased assessment, I thought this was an interesting article examining why people, young and old, are leaving the Church (as in through means of leaving the “little ‘c'” churches, and thus in essence departing from Church, too):

10.  The Church is “Relevant”:

“I’m not ranting about “worldliness” as some pietistic bogeyman, I’m talking about the fact that we yawn at a 5-minute biblical text, but almost trip over ourselves fawning over a minor celebrity or athlete who makes any vague reference to being a Christian.

We’re like a fawning wanna-be just hoping the world will think we’re cool too, you know, just like you guys!

Our kids meet the real world and our “look, we’re cool like you” posing is mocked.  In our effort to be “like them” we’ve become less of who we actually are.  The middle-aged pastor trying to look like his 20-something audience isn’t relevant. Dress him up in skinny jeans and hand him a latte, it doesn’t matter. It’s not relevant, It’s comically cliché. The minute you aim to be “authentic”, you’re no longer authentic!”

9.  They never attended church to begin with:

From a Noah’s Ark themed nursery, to jumbotron summer-campish kids church, to pizza parties and rock concerts, many evangelical youth have been coddled in a not-quite-church, but not-quite-world hothouse.  They’ve never sat on a pew between a set of new parents with a fussy baby and a senior citizen on an oxygen tank.  They don’t see the full timeline of the gospel for every season of life.  Instead, we’ve dumbed down the message, pumped up the volume and act surprised when…


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  • Johanna Hanson February 11, 2013 at 6:01 am

    How do you find all these great links? Have you read Parenting in the Pew? Someone just recommended it to me this weekend so I’m planing on reading it soon.

    • Johanna Hanson February 11, 2013 at 6:07 am

      Also, I’m readimg Surprised By Joy by C.S. Lewis. I found his thoughts on why he originally left Christianity to be highly relevant to today. It has helped me think through issues and why several friends I have have left church, and God.

      • Keren February 11, 2013 at 6:47 pm

        I still need to read that entire work–I’ve read parts that I found quite profound.

    • Keren February 11, 2013 at 6:46 pm

      Ha! 🙂 A random combination: from researching and searching for random things, links shared on Facebook and other blogs (the church one was shared by a number of FB friends, so I didn’t HT anyone in particular), and I have a running list of interesting articles to pull out.

      I have read Parenting in the Pew, but it’s been several years. I read it when Hana Kate was a baby, but I think I was disappointed with it at the time because I was reading it more for practical tips. I think I have a paper copy of it, so I’ll have to pull it back out to refer to it. I’d love to hear what you think!