2013 Reading

Reading 2013: The Fault in Our Stars

February 8, 2013


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is not my typical genre of interest; however, it’s not one I’m afraid to dip into when there is a best seller or recommended book. (Especially when it includes Harry Potter over glittery vampires.) The Fault in Our Stars was a New York Times #1 bestseller, showcasing a fine piece of young adult fiction.

Cancer is an important subject of the book, but it is not the main one. Nor is the love story. Main characters, Hazel Grace Alexander and Augustus Waters are both people whose lives are touched by cancer, but there are deeper stories at work. I will not endeavor to turn this brief review into a spoiler :), but I was definitely deeply touched by this book. Readers will undoubtedly be forced to ask deep questions about life and death, about eternity, and what the purpose of life is; these elements add value to a genre that often lacks such components. At the same time, these questions are left vastly unanswered, and for a teen who may not know where to turn or who may be accustomed to thinking in black and white, there are certainly some tricky questions presented.

Christian religion is present in the book, but is really not presented as either good or bad. There is also mild language, as well as sex (though it is not descriptive–you just know that it happened). I had not read John Green prior to this book, but am convinced he’s a gifted author. The book is rich with quotables and one liners.


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