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8 Months {Justus}

January 25, 2013


In spite of my efforts and desires, time isn’t slowing down, and neither is Justus. Now he’s 8 months!

At 8 months, Justus is:

  • 20lbs., 3oz. (still need to measure him)
  • wearing 12 months, and 12-18 months clothes
  • taking 2 naps a day: one around 10a.m. and another in the afternoon, usually starting sometime between 2p.m. and 3:00p.m.
  • sleeping from around 7p.m. to 6a.m., give or take (waking once or twice per night…usually)
  • happily cosleeping (thankful to have my warm little guy on cold winter nights)
  • quite healthy overall, but got his first cold on Christmas Eve; thankfully just a stuffed up nose and resulting cough that quickly passed
  • starting to “cruise” by holding onto objects and walking along them
  • starting to stand up from the floor on his own(!), though only twice so far
  • climbing the stairs (a great energy burner!)
  • happily breastfeeding for nourishment and comfort
  • trying a new food: three days before he turned 8 months, I let him try some avacado chunks. It kept him occupied trying to pick up  the chunks, but he ate everything and then licked the table! 🙂
  • still loving strangers who smile at him and even hold him

photo (60)

  • not experiencing separation anxiety yet (not that he’s ever left with others, but no problems if we leave the room, etc..) A few times, I’ve run errands, and come back and he only wants to be in my arms once I return.
  • sometimes feeling left behind if his sisters are playing with him and then suddenly disappear
  • loving to pull books off the bookshelf, laundry out of baskets, and perform other general exploratory acts of destruction 😉
  • obsessed about bath time–if he hears the water running for his sister’s bath, he’ll make a beeline for the sound
  • showing signs of not giving up easily, though he doesn’t seem to get frustrated, either
  • showing a sense of humor: he likes to snort and blow raspberries to communicate and make people laugh; if we are laughing at mealtime, he usually thinks we’re laughing at him, and will try to do more stuff to make us laugh.
  • melting his mama’s heart 🙂 (And his daddy’s, too, pretty sure.)
  • is pretty good at peekaboo, and often will initiate this on his own now

So thankful for the privilege of sharing these early months with Justus, and to learn so much about ourselves as we nurture this little image bearer!

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