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6, 5, and 4 Months: Justus

December 4, 2012

Justus is now 6 months old. This first half of his first year has flown by so quickly! I’ve chronicled some of his developments at four and five months, but never posted them because I kept waiting until I uploaded pictures. So, now I will! 

6 Months (Milestones during 5 months)

Justus is a busy boy these days, almost always trying to scoot, crawl, or wiggle somewhere. He is also pulling himself up to stand, which causes many heart attacks per day for his mother, particularly. His favorite places to do this are the laundry basket (which is safe when there is laundry in it) and the train table.

He weighs 19lbs. even (at least, on our baby scale on the day he turned 6 months). He is wearing mostly 12 month and 12-18 months sizes right now.

He is still exclusively breastfeeding, though technically, his first attempt at solids can be recorded as a piece of magazine that he got a hold of. 🙂

We are still using all cloth diapers, and he will soak through if he sleeps a long first chunk of sleep (and wake himself up–he hates being wet, as do I! :)). To prevent this, I usually change him around 11p.m. (or if I go to bed earlier, but it’s been late this past month) and add an extra soaker pad and feed him at that time. Sometimes he wakes up again to eat, and sometimes he sleeps the rest of the night through. He goes to sleep when it’s dark, and the time change did create a minor hurdle for him then–he was ready to go to bed at 5:30p.m.! Now he’s going to bed around 7p.m. most nights.

He is still co-sleeping with us in our bed (of course–we don’t own a crib :)), and I love waking up to his smiling face or to him trying to crawl over me. 🙂 Usually, he takes 2 naps per day, thought sometimes he takes 3 and one day only took one (the day after a funeral and being out all day).

First trip to the ocean, where he touched the Atlantic ocean on Hilton Head Island.

First trip to West Virginia, and meeting Great Grandma Cutlip. Grandma Cutlip loved him. I think he almost melted her heart as much as he does mine. 🙂 On the drive up, it was also his first time to see and feel snow: first frozen, and then minor flurries the day we left. (I’m sort of proud of the fact that he saw and touched the ocean before he saw and touched snow. :))

He got his first 2 teeth; the girls’ came in at 7 months for both of them, so I was a little surprised! He was miserable for about two days (first time to cry for long without being able to be immediately consoled), but then back to his happy self again.

Says “da-da,” “ma-ma,” and “ba-ba.” Ba-ba was first

5 Months (Milestones during 4 months)

Met lots of family on Daniel’s mom’s side, with the funeral for his Grandmother.

Started crawling at the very end of being 4 months. Definitely on the move earlier than his sisters, and I was taken by surprise at this milestone, too!

18 lbs., 6oz., wearing 6-9 and 9 months clothes.

He can now be put to bed by Daddy, which has allowed me to be able to nurse him and then leave for errands on a few rare occasions.

4 Months (Milestones during 3 months)

These months are flying by, and now we’re at month four. To repeat what pretty much every other mother says, sometimes it seems like Justus has been part of our family forever, while at the same time, I can hardly believe how quickly the months have passed.

What I what to remember about Justus at four months:

It could just be recency bias (or just us doing various things differently), but, of our children so far, Justus seems to be the most content of our children at this age.

He made his maiden airplane voyage, and was a happy passenger. (Of course, it was just a little over an hour long, and he could be in his mama’s arms the entire time.) He made of few new girlfriends along the way.

He discovered his toes and thought they were yummy!

He’s starting to interact with the girls much more frequently. He used to just give Eden a blank stare when she attempted to humor him, but now her attempts are no longer futile, and they both start laughing. He loves to just stare in awe at Hana Kate. They interact with him very differently, and he seems to understand their differences.

It’s not uncommon to look over at him and catch him grinning at us.

He’s not sleeping as much through the church anymore. Usually just a short nap after congregational singing. But since he wakes up unrested, it’s also not so easy to just have him sit quietly on my lap.

He’s developed a very distinctive cry/wail for when he’s terribly tired.

He usually sleeps from 7:30-ish to 7:00a.m., waking to feed a couple of times a night. Usually, he takes a short morning nap an hour or so after waking, and then a longer nap later on in the morning. Often that’s followed by a short afternoon nap and then a longer afternoon nap. (Sometime he take his two long naps back-to-back, and then might take a shorter nap in the evening.)

He is super thumb sucker. He’s the first of our children to do this more than just a few times as a passing thumb-observation. It is great, because he can often calm himself down, get himself back to sleep, or fall asleep in church or while we’re out with his head on my chest and thumb in his mouth.

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  • Sarah December 4, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    Oh my. Your baby is so incredibly cute!!!! Do you think his hair is going to be bright blonde like his sister’s?