Links to Think: 11.26.12

November 26, 2012

Waiting Is Usually Better – If we could just grasp this concept, we would save ourselves, our families, and our children a boatload of frustration and trouble. From womb to tomb, our culture (and others) seem to be lived at emergency room pace. Johanna shares some helpful insight on learning to patient in teaching our children:

“We’re in a hurry. As an entire culture, we are consumed with how we can make things go faster.

From technology to, and here’s the pitiful part, our children, we are desperate to rush the normal cycle of life. Faster. Everything needs to be faster and sooner. “

“Are you having a difficult time waiting for your child to mature at his own rate and in his own individual way? Are you impatient with the normal cycle of life?

“I fight this tendency to rush my children along, but one thing I have learned is that waiting is usually better.

When you start something too early, before the child is physically, emotionally, or intellectually mature enough to handle it, you will eventually teach him what you want him to know. But it will be a long process. It will be slow work. And there will probably be some frustrating tears in the process.”

Panicking About Preschool – While searching for another article (that I forgot to save), I came across this one, which is very much in line with the theme of the above article, as well.

“I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with printing fun activities and crafts for your preschooler. Not at all. There are a lot of wonderful resources out there that simply weren’t available to former generations of homeschoolers. If you and your little person are having a blast then keep up the good work.

Just don’t panic. Don’t feel that you have to do so many forced “educational” activities with your very little one. Don’t let the pressure of mastering the basics stress you out. Preschoolers eat and breathe the basics. If you create an environment of creativity and availability your preschooler will pick up the skills they need simply by living.”


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