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Reading More: Sharing the Love of Reading

October 23, 2012

Often, we think of reading just as a solo activity — something that we just do with our discretionary time, by ourselves, etc. However, as some previous posts have alluded to, reading can also be further enjoyed and enhanced by sharing your love of reading, what you’re reading, etc.

Here are some ways for doing that:

  • Read to and with your children.
    • Read new books together, read books about places around the world, learn together. Of course, this is probably an obvious step, because it gets so much attention. But I have to say my kids are currently at an age where I am really enjoying this more than ever before.
  • Start your kids on audiobooks.
    • There are lots of possibilities for squeezing in a good audiobook. (See this post for a list of lots of kid-suitable sources.) My girls are past the phase of napping (sniff, sniff), but I usually have then listen to an audiobook during their rest time. (And guess what? It let’s me extend the length of it without them noticing so much. :))
  • Read the same book as your spouse.
    • This is something we have loved going. Many Christians suggest reading the same Scripture passages as a spouse. And why not do it with other reading, too? Obviously, most of us will have limits about how much and what we can read together, but this is a great way to grow together. (And it doesn’t mean you even have to read it aloud or be on exactly the same pages.)
  • Give books (audiobook membership, Amazon Kindle gift certificate, etc.) as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.
  • Do a book swap with a friend.
    • You read a book that she loans you; and she reads the book that you loan her. This will also make some good conversation fodder.
  • If you read on Kindle, considering making notes in the book and make your notes public. You can follow what other people are saying about their books, and you can discuss and interact with them.
  • Get on Goodreads. People are talking about books all the time.
  • Share your reviews.
    • Blog about it. Review the books on Goodreads.
  • Meet with a friend to intentionally discuss a book you’ve both read.

How do you share reading with others? What are your favorite ways of sharing your love for reading?

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  • Chelo October 23, 2012 at 9:11 am

    Seth and I really enjoy listening to Sherlock Holmes series. He (by his own admission) absorbs information better by hearing. So he’s so thrillef to be able to listen to books when normally he would not have ha the patience to sit and read through one. He gave the example of “Spark” especially when the author uses the medical terms.

    Thank you for introducing me to Audible a while back. We certainly enjoy talking about the things we read.

    • Keren October 24, 2012 at 11:21 pm

      Yes, some people definitely pick up more by listening to books than reading. I used to think I gained more visually, but now I am not sure. I do know I take in and process information differently with both ways.

      I loved the Sherlock Holmes series. 🙂