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Finding Audiobooks: Great Sources

October 16, 2012

Using my Audible app on my phone is probably my favorite way to listen to Audiobooks, mostly because the app is so user friendly and has several features that are currently unique among audiobook apps. But Audible is by no means the only way. Here are some great resources for finding audiobooks. Each of the following having opportunity for downloading at least one free audiobook, and several of them are resources for entirely free audiobooks.

1. Audible

(Free trial, paid membership or purchase books individually)

Right now, you can sign up with Audible (you can use my link here, and I’ll get a small affiliate fee) and get two free audiobooks.

My husband and I both have a membership with Audible. (We figure we’d put our money here instead of a cable subscription or similar. :))

The current memberships available are:

Platinum Level – $22.95 per month, and receive 2 credits per month. (This may also be payed for with a one-time payment, at $229.50 for the entire year.)

Gold Level – $14.95 per month, and receive 1 credit per month. (This may also be payed for with a one-time payment of $149.50 for the entire year.)

Memberships allow you to purchase additional books at a discounted rate.

 2. Librivox

(All free)

Librivox is a library of literally thousands of free audiobook files (5,257 to be precise, though some of those contain overlapping title files). The recording on this site is done by volunteers, so the quality of the reading may vary from book to book. Some may have multiple readers for one book. Many are actually quite well done. The works here are primarily public domain books, so this is an excellent resource for working through classics.

More information here on how to listen to Librivox files.

3. BooksShouldBeFree

(all free)

This site is similar to Librivox and offers mostly classic works, and apparently offers some of the books read on Librivox. Books are also available in other languages.


(free download offered monthly, purchase books individually)

Christianaudio also features thousands of books put out by a number of Christian publishers. (Some of these books are also sold on Audible.) They also offer sermons, lectures, interviews, and podcasts.

CA offers a free download monthly, and if you are an avid reader and reviewer, you can also apply to review books through their site.

Although the site and its staff seem to lean more toward American conservative evangelicalism, the books cater to a broad spectrum of evangelicalism, and include books that range from deep  theology to pure fluff, and works from both liberal and conservative authors.

5. The Library. 

(free, unless you have to pay fines!)

Most libraries offer CD audio of popular and recent books. Some libraries are now offering digital downloads of audiobooks straight from their websites, as well. (Mine does this, but the titles aren’t so great.)

My library also has a really neat option for those who may not own an MP3 player (headphones needed). Called a Playaway, it’s a pre-loaded, self-contained digital audio book (pictured above).




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