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Life in Instagram: 09.13.12

September 13, 2012

1. Hana Kate exploring the bunk beds at Grandpa and Grandma’s trailer. 2. Girls on the bears at the children’s park. 3. Sweet baby. His eyes looked so blue, so I had to take a pic (to go with my 10,000 other ones that like quite similar ;)) 4. Picnic! Fun times with the grandparents. Wow–it is so fun, especially for our kids, to live within 30 miles from grandparents, even if it is only for 8 months. 🙂 But, it’s short-lived–they’re going out on a six-week furlough trip soon, so we’re cramming in some extra time with them. 5. Good times with friends. I always forget to take pictures, but remembered while Kristen and I were together with our youngest babies. They were so happy the whole time, so we got a lot of talking in! And Daniel and the girls went to the zoo! 6. And I get a lot of talking in with Justus. This day his nap didn’t coincide with the girls rest time, so we got in a good chat. 😉 7. Workout: girls in the stroller, and baby on the back. Fun times. 8. Beautiful flowers planted near the culdesac in our subdivision.

1. helping the fallen sister (who is laughing hilariously) 2. Sunday afternoon nap with Daddy and son. 3. My brother-in-law, the Ph.D. student, just catching up on Amelia Bedelia. 😉 4. Grandma reading to the girls. Eden especially loves this. 5. Sweet boy, catching a short nap at Grandma and Grandpa’s house after church on Sunday. He had so many short naps that day with church and traveling, but he’s made up with some looong naps this week. 6. Enjoying Sunday lunch. 7. Ahhh…beautiful Sunday afternoon windchimes and perfect weather. 8. Artists.

1. The girls with their requested snack: Eden with clementines (x3) and Hana Kate with “white brocolli” and carrots. (Since on Monday, sad Eden didn’t get her hourly requests for ice cream after we had it on Sunday, we moved on the her next food love: clementines. Can’t explain HK’s request for cauliflower, though.) 2. Laughing with Justus. 3. I just happened to sleep in this t-shirt on Monday night, and realized I was wearing it when I woke up on September 11. 4. I love times like this! 5. Aunt Emby came over for supper and then we watched the girls have a fun bath. 6. This face cracked me up. 7. Wearing tights on their heads and legs kept the girls laughing for several hours. 8. I put Justus on HK’s bed while I helped her get her rest time stuff, and it cracked me up to see him in there.

1. Some toys are just irresistible. Hana Kate is so excited Justus is started to be interested in his baby toys, well mainly, putting them in his mouth. 2. Spinach salad. 3. I’ve been meeting some good books. 4. I also thought I’d let him play with his wooden teether, and so far, so good. 5. New skill: blowing bubbles and raspberries. (Which means his shirts get soaked). 6. Sunset. 7. Poor baby doll. 8. The girls requested to have rest time together (again) and I let them (again). 🙂

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