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Life in Instagram: 09.06.12

September 6, 2012

1. New running shoes from a specialty running store, with high hopes from me. Unfortunately, the toes on right foot still go numb in them, though the pronation-related knee pain seems fine. The shoe guy and running stuff says it’s my laces too tight, but they’re quite loose and it’s only my right foot. Could be nerve damage, but maybe another option? 2. Sleepy, cuddly son. Justus seemed to sense the excitement with the days of family in and out and took very short naps those days, but is back to longer naps again this week. 3. kid table. 4. Uncle Daniel is so silly! 5. Justus having a stare-down with the baby monitor. So funny–he seems so fascinated by it! 6. kids and uncles working on a lego assembly. 7. cousins and 8. more cousins!

1. Daniel’s “volcanic salsa” and my “mild” salsa. 😉 2. Got Justus his very first toy. So far he is loving it, in so much as can be expressed by the number of chews and bites he has given. 3. A happy Sunday afternoon nap. 4. My sister visited right after Daniel’s family left. She had Justus laughing so hard! 5. Aunt Emby’s arrival! Complete with sushi erasers, cupcakes, and paper toys. 6. more kid table gathering. 7. the girls were so excited to see their biggest cousin. 8. My little niece was so funny! She is just a couple of months younger than Eden and her own 14-month little brother, but she interacted with Justus pretty much just like Eden!

1. Eden on a bike ride. 2. Groggy face. Playing while I cleaned. 3. Hana Kate’s drawing, “Dad, HK, and…rain,” all acknowledged by arrows. 4. visiting Daddy for a few minutes at work. 5. So sweet–he fell asleep on me one cool, rainy afternoon…so soporific. 6. sweet baby feet. 7. loading. 🙂 8. Tropical storm Isaac in action.


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