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3 Months

August 28, 2012

We celebrated three months with Justus. This is such a sweet, fun phase; though, I guess I probably could say that about almost every stage. He is a rather contented little guy, though sometimes fusses to let us know when he’s tired or super hungry. He’s even been riding silently in the car seat, which is rather blissful after Eden’s miserable first year riding in hers. We started him out in the convertible carseat (as opposed to an infant carrier), and when our girls made the transition, they were happier. But “happier” was after starting out quite sad, and he seems to be mostly happy about it. But so far no long trips. 🙂

He is 15 lbs., 6 oz., and 27.5 inches long. He is wearing mostly 9 month clothing.

We’ve been entertained by Justus’s skills of rolling over both ways, and even scooting a little. We lay him down, turn away for a second and he’s “fwipped ovah!” as Eden puts it. (A bit disconcerting in some ways, and we’re now making full use of the video monitor when takes naps on our bed.) He can sit for a few moments without support. He also learned to suck his thumb, and sometimes uses it to soothe himself to sleep or go back to sleep if he wakes up early. He loves to cuddle with his head right underneath my chin and sucking his thumb, and if he’s rocked in this position while tired, he’ll usually go right to sleep.

We’ve had fun making him laugh, and he now will laugh if tickled on his chest. His laugh is so cute, and mostly a happy gasping sound. One special memory from this past month occurred while my mom and sister were visiting. Eden was nearby, and Daniel was making Justus laugh. Eden laughed really hard at Justus, then he paused, and laughed really hard back. And they kept taking turns about 5 or 6 times. He seemed to enjoy discovering that his laughing could make us laugh. All four adults were laughing so hard–I think we all had tears of laughter.

Life circumstances of so many have reminded me of what a miracle we have in our family. As my arms sometimes ache from the fifteen pounds of my son in my arms, I see many friends who are going through difficult times of infertility and infant death. I realize I am no more deserving to be holding a happy and healthy little by than my friends are deserving to have heavy hearts and empty arms with the children they cannot hold. His second middle name is shalom. We dwell between Eden and true Shalom, and this is a constant reminder to me of how I yearn for true, eternal shalom.

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  • Charity August 28, 2012 at 9:07 am

    What a precious reminder of the gift that life is Keren. It seems so natural at times to take it for granted.

    Your sweet son is just adorable and to me, looks much like Eden (and his Daddy). Can I rub his fuzzy little head? Just for a moment? 😉

    • Keren September 5, 2012 at 10:54 pm

      Thanks, Charity! I looove rubbing and kissing his head! 🙂 He does look like them both, though I guess all 3 kids have looked similar at this stage. 🙂