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Life in Instagram: 08.17.12

August 17, 2012

1. While my mom and sister were visiting, we took a trip to the Greenville Zoo, where we observed this groggy lion. Which, since lions sometimes sleep 21 out of 23 hours a day, is understandable. 2. Even more fun than the zoo? The gift shop at the zoo! 3. Grandma bought the girls sno cones. HK requested a picture. A nice treat since it was over 90 by the time we left. 4. Justus did great at the zoo. He slept in the baby carrier almost our entire time, and then woke up and was happy to look around for a while. 5. After he woke up, I put him in the double stroller for the first time. Eden thought that was pretty cool, much more than this picture captures. 6. I packed a picnic lunch and we enjoyed a great lunch. HK was so excited to be with “Aunt Emby,” who, according to her, is her best friend. 7. Riding the lions. 8. So fun watching the girls watch animals.

1. My sweet husband, mowing the neighbor’s lawn on Saturday morning. After making a breakfast feast. And then mowing our own lawn. 2. Cuddling with Grandma… 3. Puts him to sleep. 4. Japanese origami paper my sister brought the girls. 5. A really sweet gift from a friend: grits (the real kind :), per comments on this post), a swaddle blanket, and some yummy frozen meals and banana bread, which came at a perfect season for us (thank you again, Carrie!) 6. Eden loves her brother. 7. The zoo wore everyone out…except for Hana Kate, who coerced the non-sleeping adults to do crafts with her. 8. Eden checking out the “‘cary ‘nakes.” It’s been a while since we’d gone to the zoo, and it was so fun to observe her wonder and awe of some of the animals.

1. sunset. 2. How to know your two-year-old is on a growth spurt? She requests meatloaf for her snack. Followed by eating an orange, a nectarine, and some grapes. 3. HK has been asking to learn Greek, so we worked on a few letters of the alphabet. 4. How cheek pinching grannies get their start. 5. Me: (Maintaining serious face) “Do you think it’s a good thing to draw on ourselves with markers?”; Eden: “I was doing a cwaft.” (Looking down at herself) “Yucky, bucky!” (At which point I had to run away and laugh.) 6. So sweet–fell asleep on me. 7. Hana Kate bidding a tearful farewell to Aunt Emby. 8. My sister’s really cool flip-flops that were custom made for her–because she was the champion at a flip-flop kicking contest. (Two years in a row!) Still waiting for it to become an Olympic sport…

1. Creating new worlds. 2. The girls decided to dress themselves in matching shirts and brown tights. They thought it was so funny! 3. Hana Kate is excited that Grandpa is coming! I just hope he doesn’t have a crook in his neck like that. 🙂 4. Talking to Justus one morning.

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