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Life in Instagram: 08.09.12

August 9, 2012

1. Sisters through the window, cracking each other up 2. You might be a redneck, if you’re sittin’ on yer porch in your hoodies, eating’ peaches, and watching the cable company dig up your neighbors’s yards. 3. Bike ride with a turtle passenger. 4. Exploring her world. 5. Hana Kate turned 4 1/2. So we celebrated! She requested a “pink strawberry cake so it will be pink.” 😉 And I tried some chicken with a basil cream from our garden. 6. Sibling picture 7. The girls are amused that Justus can grasp what they place in his hand. 8. The elaborate tent fort the girls built while I was tending to Justus. Gotta love that they used the Aquadoodle pad.

1. Sitting by himself! 2. I’d had Justus sitting on my lap a few times, and noticed that he wasn’t really using my hand for support. So I tried putting him on the bed to see if he could support himself sitting. He could, but only for a few seconds before scrunching over. 3. A dark and stormy storm. 4. Justus’s first trip to Trader Joe’s, while Hana Kate picked out her prize for finding “the frog.” 5. We had a yard sale this past Saturday. Hana Kate making sure everything goes well. 😉 6. Saturday morning cartoons: or, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Daddy’s iPad 7. Cool balloons a neighbor made for our yard sale. 8. Lava lamp up close.

1. this face cracked me up 2. bright flowers, dark storm. 3. I asked Hana Kate to “watch” Justus while I put some stuff in the oven. So she read him some Richard Scary book numbers. 4. Hana Kate heard Justus waking up from his nap and asked if she could go help him. 😉 5. Little architects. 6. Fun with sisters. 7. Writing notes. 8. Hana Kate found her first praying mantis.

1. Aunt Emby is here!!! And aggressively fighting jet lag while showing the girls how to make some pretty cool origami. 2. Smiley boy. 3. I love a well-edged lawn. But not as much as I love my hard working husband who did this. 4. Sunset picture #453,234,983, or something like that.

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