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They Said It: 08.03.12

August 3, 2012

Just a few compilations of things the girls have said lately:

Me: “Eden, why do you have those stickers on your shoulder?”
Eden: “Umm, well, cause I got monkey bites. (This was especially funny since it was said in a completely monotone voice and as if monkey bites were a part of everyday life.)
Daniel: (talking to Justus while the rest of us were eating, trying to get him to talk and smile) “Tonight we’re having pork loin for supper.”
Eden: “Daddy, did we make porcupine!?”
One afternoon, I was sooo tired, and had commented on this to Hana Kate. We had already had rest time, and the girls went down to drink some water and were headed upstairs to play. Hana Kate has this thing about “winning,” if you are the first person to make it up the stairs, go outside, etc… Recently, she’s also said we should have prizes. (Not sure where she got either of these concepts from, but it’s nonetheless amusing.) It’s not uncommon to be casually going up or down the steps at the same time as her, and whoever gets to  the top or bottom first is told, “You winned the stairs!” (Or usually, she wins it.) This particular time, I made it to the top first. Hana Kate announced with great excitement, “Mommy, you winned the stairs! Your prize is that you can lay down and rest in the toy room!” Ha.
HK: “Mommy, can you guess who I drew in this picture?”
 Me: (Assuming it was a family member, since her drawings often are.) “Is it Daddy?”
HK: “No!”
Me: “Mommy?”
HK: “No, keep guessing.”
Me: “Eden?” “Justus?”
HK: “No.”
Me: “I don’t know is it J.J?” “Can you tell me who it is?”
HK: (With a big grin and sense of accomplishment) “It’s Jesus, because I drew Him with a big, big head!”
(Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to ask her about what she meant, because I think Eden fell or something that required my immediate attention.)
One afternoon, I was working in the kitchen and the girls were upstairs playing. All of the sudden, I heard a lot of shouting (and it’s happened recently that I’ve had to intercept some shouting between them), so I rushed upstairs to find the girls yelling the different fruits of the Spirit along with a CD they were listening to. Nothing like running up, thinking you’re going to have to admonish squabbling, only to find them quoting Scripture. 😉 Along with such confusion, I have heard a lot of crying recently…only to hear them playacting and giving their little stuffed animals voices for when they’ve been injured or want their mommies and daddies. Heaped to this confusion, is sometimes hearing the animals “yelling” for their mommies. I come up, and realize it’s just the animals. And then there was the day they named their cars “Keren” and “Daniel,” and the Keren and Daniel cars had many long conversations, referring to each other by name.
HK: “Daddy, I think Edie and me have more fun than other kids.” (Not sure that this is true, but it definitely made us laugh.)
What Eden Eats in A Day
 The other day, I read a list of what the world’s fattest woman eats in a day. As the day progressed yesterday, I decided to record what Eden at in a day, because, well, she eats a lot, though a bit healthier than the aforementioned female:
1 bowl oatmeal

apple slices
cup ice water
1 nectarine
3 eggs, scrambled
1 nectarine
1/4 sweet potato
1/2 tuna patty
1 bowl granola with milk
cup of ice water
3 bananas
pork loin
green beans
(tried one bite of grilled nectarines, but she really didn’t like them grilled)
milk and water
Dessert and Snacks before Bedtime
1 banana
1 bowl of granola
ice cream bar
cucumber slice and half a tomato (sampling the garden)
1/2 cup of milk
This is a little bit more than Eden eats, but she seemed so hungry yesterday. She also has days when she isn’t interested in eating much. Which is okay, because I think she is vacillating in and out of a summer long growth spurt. And yes, she ate more than I did on that particular day. 🙂

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