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Life in Instagram: 08.02.12

August 2, 2012

1. fresh brownies and homemade ice cream. 2. This part of Frog and Toad All Year makes me laugh every time. 3. Hana Kate and her freshly made puppets for the puppet show. 4. Mailing a “love letter” to her dear, beloved five-year-old little friend. 5. sleepy boy. 6. more puppeteering. 7. Eden, the faithful sister. 8. loving these smiles

1. Daniel and Justus after church. Poor boy was falling asleep. He’s been staying awake for part of the service, and then drifting to sleep in my arms for a shorter-than-normal nap. 2. the girls wanted to play hide-and-seek after church. 3. random bee. 4. more smiles 5. Justus fell asleep while Daniel held him at dinnertime. 6. Fell asleep on my chest; couldn’t bear to move. 7. Daniel had a splinter for about 3 weeks, and it got really infected. So, it was off to the doctor to try to get it removed. Ouch. They couldn’t find anything, but it was on a nerve and remained painful…to be continued below. 🙂 8. Enjoying a new library book.

1. goodnight to the world 2. Eden, putting her final sticker on the library’s summer reading program. 3. Everyone is so busy in this picture, but big smiles from Justus. 4. so chunky 5. so happy. 6. And the splinter started coming out…it was so big! 7. size of the splinter next to a penny. (And how did my husband get this ginormous wood in his thumb? Well, when he works he pretty much always works super hard and super fast, including sometimes mowing the lawn at a running pace. This particular run led him to bump his thumb on the fence post while turning the corner.) We’re very thankful to have it out. 8. Hopefully images like this will fill their heads with happy childhood memories.

1. melt my heart. 2. sampling some of our garden produce. Eden ate almost all of that tomato. 3. Hana Kate organized her kitchen quite well, at which point she said, “Cleaning is so much fun.” Seriously. But I’m also pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve heard that. 😉 4. I tried some grilling of my own: grilled tuna patties, grilled twice-baked sweet potatoes, and grilled pineapple. 5. Hot chocolate for Daniel and the girls on our rainy Tuesday. 6. Justus will never feel unloved so long as Eden is nearby. 7. New Ikea catalog. 8. Overflowing garden.

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