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July 30, 2012

A Child’s Place Is In The Kitchen – I’m a big fan of kids in the kitchen, and really, including them in most all of our household work and activity. Sometimes I hear older generations criticizing younger ones for not knowing how to cook a good meal or do laundry by themselves, but find it ironic that they see no connection to their generation for not passing down or teaching such skills. Apart from that soapbox, I enjoyed reading this article and it challenged me to continue to work with our daughters and son to learn together in the kitchen. (And in the process, help me learn to be more patient. :)) 

“Kitchen-related tasks allow our children to learn more than how dry pinto beans are transformed into enticing refried beans. Kids begin to see scientific principles at work. They develop personal qualities such as patience. They are motivated to apply what they’re learning to more challenging endeavors. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to know what it takes to grow the tomatoes, make the sauce, and prepare the beans for tonight’s bean enchiladas. But more importantly, as our children become proficient in the kitchen, they also see themselves as capable learners. That perception transfers across all endeavors.”

“Children accustomed to blinking, beeping toys and rapidly changing screen images may become so wired to this overstimulation that without it, they’re bored. The slower pace of kitchen conversation and cooking tasks can be an important antidote, especially when we’re willing to go at a child’s pace. Young children tend to balk when they’re hurried. They show us, stubbornly and often loudly, that there’s nothing more important to them than the here and now. So whenever possible, simplify so you can make your time together in the kitchen enjoyable. Slowing down is better for digestion, concentration, and overall happiness. Letting a small child spread his own peanut butter, cut his own sandwich, and pour milk from a tiny pitcher into his cup is a way of affirming the value of the present moment. It also makes for an effortless tea party.”

“Parking the kids in front of the TV while we dash to get dinner ready may be efficient, but it’s not the way young people have matured throughout human history. Children need to watch, imitate, and gain useful skills. They’re drawn to see how their elders handle a crisis, fix a car, create a soufflé, build a bookshelf, heal what’s broken, and fall in love.

So welcome your little ones into the kitchen. And let the cooking begin.”

 WHAT THE INTERNET IS DOING TO OUR BRAINS (AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT) – Michael Hyatt shares what research is telling us to be true is matching the voices of concern that we previously wanted to ignore. He also provides three possible responses and five helpful disciplines to avoiding this problem.

  • “A few years ago, people were ridiculed for suggesting that the Internet was having a negative impact on our minds. But now the proof is starting to stack up.

“The first good, peer-reviewed research is emerging, and the picture is much gloomier than the trumpet blasts of Web utopians have allowed. The current incarnation of the Internet—portable, social, accelerated, and all-pervasive—may be making us not just dumber or lonelier but more depressed and anxious, prone to obsessive-compulsive and attention-deficit disorders, even outright psychotic. Our digitized minds can scan like those of drug addicts, and normal people are breaking down in sad and seemingly new ways.””

  • “New brain scan technology shows that our brains are being rewired. Heavy web users have fundamentally altered prefrontal cortexes. The brains of Internet addicts, it turns out, look like the brains of drug and alcohol addicts. Even worse, Chinese researchers have shown that our grey matter—the part of the brain responsible for processing of speech, memory, motor control, emotion, sensory, and other information—is shrinking or atrophying.”
  • “Numerous studies show that the more a person hangs out online the worse they are likely to feel. Web use often displaces sleep, exercise, and face-to-face exchanges, all of which can lead to loneliness, a sense of isolation, and depression.”
HT: Chelo Beazley

How different can one man look? Hilarious portraits of photographer that are a lesson in bad taste – Hilarious portraits are hilarious. A photographer changes his looks to make him appear to be a rather large variety of personas.

“Working with studio photographer Terry Brown, the Mangini Studio Series features a beehive-styled 60’s sweetheart, a leather-clad punk, a clean-cut governor, and a skinheaded prisoner among a bunch of other aliases.”



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  • Susanna July 30, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Great thoughts on the first article and that last one . . . I can’t decide whether or not to be disturbed or amused. Definitely quite hilarious 🙂

  • Christina July 30, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    I am totally for kids in the kitchen, too. I have a friend who won’t let her kids in the kitchen, but also thinks they shouldn’t cry if mildly injured. So backwards sometimes. I’d better get off her, though or the Internet will kill my brain! :-O

  • cbkbrrxttc April 10, 2013 at 12:04 am

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