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YAHD Sales Can Be Funny

July 25, 2012

A few favorite yard-sale ads:

Feeled and Peeled

Alert to the “pickers:” you can find the “all sort of things” you’ve been looking for in a shed that’s feeled and peeled.

The Cats have a YAHD Sale (My Favorite)

This one’s soooo funny, and you can still read further hilarity here. I am sad to report that I did not get to go meet the cats.

“Hope you make it. Free donut to the first person to arrive at 7:00 or later (our time). Earlybirds have to buy donuts.”

Wife Wants You to Do the Dirty Work-It’s a Steel

Well, even though “wife wouldn’t let me cut branch off the tree,” not only is this a steel shed for sale, but apparently, it’s also a steel. A steel for steel! (And having bought a build-your-own shed before, it actually is a pretty good deal.)

It’s listed under yard sales, but apparently, he’s selling part of his yard along with it, too–perhaps because his wife didn’t want him to risk his own life chopping off a branch, but you can pay them $750 and do the work, too? This shed is also “great fore kid or a man cave,” and the seller “will¬†even leave the many fridge in if you’d like.”



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