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Life in Instagram: 07.23.12

July 24, 2012

1. Enjoying “Cow Appreciation Day.” (I thought I’d already posted these, but realized I’m more behind than I thought. Of course. :)) 2. Eden showing us her potato head collection. 3. Justus’s first visit to the doctor. 4. More Chik-Fil-A. 5. Sleepy cow. 6. smooshed. 7. Daniel searching for a few more ingredients for our grilled pizza. 8. The finished product…amazingly yum!

1. New boxes make great toys. 2. More church notes, courtesy of Hana Kate. 3. The girls doting on Justus after church. 4. Our great ant invasion. After we had our yard treated, they made new pathways inside the house. They seem to be gradually leaving. 5. Justus’s first time at the pool. 6. Smiley boy. 7. Checking out pictures on Daniel’s phone. 8. Another out-of-order picture of Cow Appreciation Day. They won these little cows and were sooo excited about them.

1. painting the kitchen. 2. HK’s farm. 3. My friend’s amazing “stomach cake” for her little boy’s birthday party. 4. Apparently Justus is a hit with other two-year-old girls, not just his sister. 5. Birthday time. 6. Amazing clouds. 7. Making muffins. 8. Beautiful farm fresh eggs.

1. Eden, caring for her real-life baby. 2. Cherry goodness. 3. Fingers. Sometimes he finds his thumb. (Though I’ve heard that’s a developmental milestone that usually doesn’t “click” until 3 months if a baby does go the thumb-route.) 4. HK’s tower. 5. “Mommy, I cleaned my room and made my bed and Edie’s bed. Take a picture and put it on Instagram!” I did. 🙂 6. Beautiful sunrise. 7. Eden requested chopsticks for her corn, and actually used them successfully! 8. Little robin egg underneath a tree in our front yard.

1. Cuteness I found after he woke up from his nap. 2. Hana Kate’s amazing sense of fashion. 3. He fell asleep as soon as I put him in the Ergo. 4. Another beautiful sunset in our backyard. 5. Love this. 6. This boy is loved. He was also Hana Kate’s “baby calf,” in this particular play set up. 7. Hana Kate asked me to find a printout of a turtle, then colored this and made it into a puzzle. 8. Our faux-pets. Not quite pets, but we are definitely having to keep up with the appetite of these birds! I found this birdfeeder and the stand at a yardsale, and since moving it to our breakfast nook area, it has provided endless nature observation.

1. found an ice cream maker at a yard sale, and so we experimented with our first batch of homemade vanilla. 2. Hanging out with Eden on Sunday afternoon. 3. the many faces 4. cuteness. 5. so pretty on the drive home. 6. I loved the way the sunlight outlined these clouds. 7. Hana Kate and I found some napkins that matched her dress. 8. Another science experiment–growing crystals.

1. the result of our ice cream. So yummy, but still need to work on the consistency. 2. Sleeping baby during a very looong nap. 3. The original angry birds. They want their food. 4. Trying out our new tent. This has been on Daniel’s list of “yard sale wants” so he can take HK camping. I found a rug at a yardsale for about $3. It was brand new and still had a tag on it. On a whim, I decided to take it back and see if I could get store credit. I did, and there was a tent on clearance for the exact same amount I got back for the rug. A no-brainer, and much to my husband’s delight we now have a tent. The only thing left on his wishlist is a boat, which is more of a joke between than likelihood, but we’ll see. 🙂

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