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Life in Instagram: 07.12.12

July 12, 2012

1. Eden was delighted to find a library book about Franklin the Turtle. 2. walking. 3. fun yard sale finds from last Saturday. Pressure washer for Daniel, fun stuff for the girls. Daniel had to be at church to mow the grounds at 9a.m., so it was a very brief and quick trip since we share one vehicle. 4. loving another beautiful sunset. 5. always loved 6. and never bored. 7. another experiment: growing crystal trees. These are about halfway done. (Dollar Tree currently carries these.) 8. Excited about starting the process.

1. Eden builds a road with our Magna-Tiles. This is definitely still our most-played-with toy, besides stuffed animals, of course. 2. Jenn (who was going to be at our birth, but was sick that day :(), holding Justus. He slept in her arms for the longest time. 3. Rainbow after the rain. 4. Running and drinking and experiencing a childhood love of rain. This really doesn’t do justice to their enjoyment. 🙂 5. Hana Kate helping me make a photo canvas of a picture of Justus. 6. Old-fashioned grits for this yummy dish. 7. I love finding random things at yard sales that we enjoy. Found a Mickey cake pan at the last one, and it was super for our Minnie-loving 2-year-old. We made some cakes. 8. My mom came to visit this week, and the girls are really enjoying her visit! I think they might be wearing her out a bit, though. 😉


1. I borrowed this from Daniel’s instagram pics, but wanted it in mine, too. On Sunday at church, Hana Kate tried to copy the words, “The Church,” on the Powerpoint slide, incidentally, one Daniel had designed for this sermon series. Later on she told me the other words were too long to try to copy (perseverance and Thessalonians). 🙂 2. Very excited about reading this anthropology textbook, Women in the Material World, loaned to me by Carey, thoughtful friend and midwife. There are so many pictures, I may even read it with the girls. 3. Justus giving hugs. 4. Justus cuddling with Grandma. 5. Two chefs. Daniel making another amazing grilled meal. He was sad he hadn’t been able to grill for a couple of days. 😉 6. Eden loves to look at old pictures. This was from our trip the the Georgia Aquarium last summer. Eden says this is a “sad fish.” 7. Creepy picture for a FB ad. 8. The girls have loved playing these instruments I bought in Madagascar…way back in 1998.

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