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6 & 7 Weeks

July 11, 2012

 6 Weeks

The day after Justus turned 5 weeks, he started to take longer naps and I started laying him down on his own for many of his naps. He usually gives a few grunts and then is sound asleep. He has also been sleeping for longer portions of the day, which sometimes makes it feel like he changed overnight (and rather literally, he did).

On the day he turned 6 weeks, he also had a growth spurt–eating about every half-hour to an hour. Thankfully that was the holiday and Daniel was off work (and we purposefully didn’t plan anything other than family time that day), so it worked out just fine. I knew the 5/6 week growth spurt that babies typically have would probably be coming soon, but thought it was funny that it lasted only one day and occurred at exactly 6 weeks.

His acnes is starting to clear up, as well. Unlike our girls, whose fingernails could simply be peeled off when they got long, his nails are hard and grow much more quickly.

When I weighed him this week, he weighed 13lbs., 12oz.

7 Weeks

Justus is continuing to delight our family each day. Eden is particularly fond of him, and loves getting her hands all over him. She loves to get her hand as close to him as she can, and then when either she or he moves enough that they touch, to proclaim, “baby touched me!” In a very high-pitched voice. 🙂 She also likes to give him hugs and rub his head. As soon as he is awake in the morning, she is very excited to come in and tell him “good morning.” Hana Kate loves to bring him toys and talk to him, but is mostly more reserved in physically expressing her affection (as she is toward us most of the time, as well).

Grandma is also visiting this week, and I think Justus and Grandma are both enjoying their bonding time.

Justus is also starting to coo and “talk” even more. It usually comes out with the starting sounds of “g,” “a,” l,” and “h.” He seems to enjoy doing this when he is sung to, which is something Eden did at that age, too. (She would try to sing along if she heard us playing the piano, which we no longer have to try out with Justus.) Since he was also able to be soothed with music during his early weeks, I’m thinking (and hoping) he’ll be somewhat more musically inclined than one of his sisters is.

He’s still sleeping longer naps, and usually takes his longest nap in the afternoon (2 to 4 hours). He’s also started only waking up once at night, sleeping around a 6-8 hour chunk, and then eating once in the night. Usually, he falls asleep around 9p.m. and wakes up around 7p.m. and us up for a little while before his first nap–just the time it usually gets dark in our room, and very bright in the morning. 🙂 One night, there was a storm in the evening and it got dark early–he also fell asleep early that night.

Over the past couple of days, he’s rolled over  from his tummy to back four times, usually when waking up from a nap (he sleeps on his tummy).

Still wearing mostly size 3-6 and 6 month clothes. I think he’s stopped growing as rapidly as he did his first four weeks, though.



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  • Charity July 15, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Q T pie! 😀

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      Thanks! 🙂