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They Said It: 07.06.12

July 6, 2012

The Exciting Part of the Fourth of July According to Eden
(In the afternoon, around snack time. Eden overheard we were going to have a special cookie for dessert.)
Eden: “Mommy, can I pease have cold cown [frozen corn] fow my snack?”
Me: “Today, we’ll have a special occasion and have corn for our snack.”
One minute later…
Eden: “Can I have some moow cold cown for some moow snack?” (She did.)
Two minutes later…
Eden: “Can I have my cookie now?”
Me: “No, it’s not ready yet. Besides, we can’t have it until after supper.”
Eden: “’s a hol-uh-day!”
One minute later…
Eden: “Can I have my cookie now?”
Me: “No, but would you like a couple of special white chocolate chips (part of the icing for the fruit pizza cookie we were about to make).
Eden: “I want to have aaaall of them.”
One minute later…
Eden: “Can I have my cookie?”
Me: “No. We can’t have it until after supper.”
Eden: “Pease, can you make supper now?”
Me: “No, it’s not the right time yet.”
One minute later…
Eden: “Pease, now can I have my cookie…”
During supper, twice…
Eden: “Pease, can I have my cookie?” (x2)
She ate her supper, and then had her cookie. The end.
Until the fireworks, which she thought was the coolest thing ever. And is wondering why we can see them today.
Edited to Add: For her journal that night, she had Daniel write. “I ate a cookie today.” LOL.
Deep Thoughts of Hana Kate
HK: While stopped at a traffic light, Hana Kate (who had not stopped talking the entire car trip to the store) pipes up, “Mommy, I’m still moving!”
Me: “Oh? How are you moving?”
HK: “Well, the earth is always moving, so I’m moving and you’re moving, and everybody’s moving.” Apparently, Daniel had explained this fact to her and she held on to it for a while.
HK: “Mommy, I know how to drive. I don’t know all the laws, but I know lots of them.”
Me: “You do know some, but the law says you have to be sixteen years old in order to drive.”
HK: “Buuut, Mooommy! I don’t waaaant to be sixteen. I just want to be five and stay five. I only want to be five.”
Hana Kate has finally started to be able to sing a little more (though it’s still hard for her to catch on to a tune or be able to memorize an entire song, quite the opposite of her sister.) So, recently I’ve overheard her singing some of her own made-up songs. Sometimes entirely on her own, others pieced together from other songs she’s heard. I heard these the other day:
“Love your child. Love your child. Love your child. Love your child. Cause, praise the Lord, God loves you.”
“If you take a walk, Jesus will take you off.”
“Dear God, thank you for my spirit, hallelujah.”

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