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Life in Instagram: 07.04.12

July 5, 2012

1. Uncle and Andrew helps make Play-Doh pizza, thus winning Eden’s favor, once again. 2. Eden waves goodbye. 3. Hana Kate being very helpful one morning. This girl can fold washcloths like nobody’s business. 4. Ingredients to make this crockpot chocolate lava cake. 5. Hana Kate requested that I take this picture of her with her lined up animals. 6. Uncle Andrew meets Justus for the first time. 7. Sleepy boy. Special moments. 8. Hatted son.

1. One reason I love yard sales: you never know what amazing stuff you might find. At first glance, I thought this fine man was Martin Luther, based on the particular headgear. But after I’d purchased this lovely, I realized he was not nearly corpulent enough to be the said theses-nailer. Instead, Daniel and I put our minds together to realize it was Erasmus. Cause, you know, everyone wants a print of Erasmus hanging in their home. Ironically, this was not a classy yard sale. Classy in its own sense, though, filled with ammo, tools, and a Confederate flag. 2. The road that leads to yard sales. 3. Proof of children. 4. Love it.

5. Ready to go to the dentist. It was a bit traumatic for the youngest, especially. They inherited my bad teeth. Hopefully these ones will fall out soon, and they’ll be like my maternal Grandma and have horrid baby teeth and great adult teeth. Or…be like my dad who had to eventually have false teeth before I was even born. 6. In a magazine: a public service message warning moms with healthy pregnancies not to induce before 39 weeks if all is well and they’re just impatient. Wow. Guess it’s epidemic.  7. Whew! 8. The girls wanted to read their journals to Uncle Andrew. I hope he thought it was as funny as they did! 🙂

1. An AMAZING lightning storm. 2. Love this little guy and his shark outfit. 3. The Justus fan club. 4. More smiles. 5. Last Friday, my mom’s area had a crazy, crazy storm called a derecho. Some of the area is still out of power. But I texted Daniel for the latest update. 😉 6. Eden adoring Justus. 7. I tried out a new recipe for Zuppa Toscana, apparently a copycat for Olive Garden’s version. I’ve never had it at Olive Garden (or anywhere), but we liked the way it turned out. 5. Reading. Puts some babies to sleep.

1. Family. 2. Our cookie fruit pizza. The girls helped me put the blueberries on. 3. Celebratory collage. 4. Happy about the holiday. Hana Kate is happy about any holiday. And we’re trying to make holidays more of a family tradition. 5. Justus was also happy abou the day. 6. Wearing his special shirt from Grandma. 7. Hana Kate playing with her friend, Timothy, who recently broke his arm. He wanted her to play wedding with him. 😉 8. More thunderstorm.

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  • Rachel July 5, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I always love glancing through your photos. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!

    • Keren July 6, 2012 at 11:08 am

      Thanks, Rachel!