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Sillinesses and Sweet Stuff

June 27, 2012

Our girls have said so many silly things, but as I always I forget too many of them, thinking I’ll remember them for later. Here are a few I have written down:

(They love their Mr. Potato Head set found at a yard sale. It came with a large carrying case, and they like to carry him around and call him “Big Man,” “My Man,” and thankfully, sometimes “Mr. Potato.”)

One night, Daniel was putting the girls to bed and Eden suddenly exclaimed, “Some-fings hod! Some-fings hod!” She had been sleeping on a yo-yo. (“Hod” meant, hard.)

Hana Kate has asked us several times, “”Does Justus know that he’s a boy?” She also asked the other day, “Does Justus look like Baby Jesus did when was a baby?”

The morning after Justus was born… Daniel: “Hana Kate, I’m going to take you to a pharmacy to get some things for Mommy.” With eyes of wonder, Hana Kate: “Do they sell farm stuff?”

Discussing zoo animals after Grandpa and Grandma told us about their recent zoo trip, Daniel asked the girls what animals they would like to be. Their answers:

  • Hana Kate – Giraffe. Why? “So I can see really high up.”
  • Eden – Elephant. Why? “What does an elephant eat? [Daniel:  “hay]” “So I can eat hay.
Visiting Happy Cow Creamery was a happy experience for one and all. Even the cows, because Hana Kate wanted to thank each of them for their contribution to her dairy intake. She went around to each one and said, “Thank you for the milk, cows.” Eden, too, was moved with gratitude, yet did not feel compelled to thank them on a personal level.

(Oh, and homonyms are sooo confusing when you’re four and two. I think I spend about 50% of my time explaining that some words sound the same, but are spelled different and have different meanings.)

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  • audrey June 28, 2012 at 11:39 am

    oh how cute! i love the Happy Cow thank-yous. that’s so sweet. 🙂