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Life in Instagram: 06.24.2012

June 25, 2012

1. our friend, Jon, meeting Justus 2. little man. 3. little man on big man 4. ponderous. 5. what Eden could do all day. 6. Justus’s classic hand position while sleeping. 7. Squishy face little man. 8. Daniel roasted coffee beans for the first time; he didn’t like; I did. Of course, I could only have a sip. 

1. Marble blocks. 2. The girls came out of their room and proudly explained to me that they’d cleaned their room. Somehow, they managed to hoist their toy basket up to the top bunk! (Their version of cleaning also meant getting everything off the floor. :)) 3. Tea party girls, enjoying some English breakfast tea and fresh-made cookies. 4. Precious, meaningful gift for our Justus man. 5. Squishy lips. 6. With Julie. 7. Funny dreams? 8. Our sweet, elderly neighbor brought Justus ten bibs and a teddy bear. However, HK has become watch-guard of the bear until further development of motor skills by Justus.

1. Photo shoot @ 3 weeks. 2. Mommy is conquered in Chutes and Ladders. 3. Every baby needs a pirate face. Arghh! 4. The girls went and got all this stuff and then told me we should have a picnic. (Thanks, Aunt Kelly, for the plastic food!) 5. “Lizards, Lizards, Lizards, like to run, run, run in the sun, sun, sun.” Eden pretending to be a running lizard. Cause, ya know, that’s what lizards do… 😉 6. “Daddy’s Rookie.” 7. “I gonna go exercise.” -E; it’s all in the shoes. 8. playing with blocks.

1. Bathtime baby. He’s loved all his baths. I think he’d swim if we let go. Or had one of these. Why is all the cool stuff always illegal in the US? Like Kinder Eggs! 2. Justus’s first time in the carseat. 3. Three kids in the van! 4. Classic hand pose outside. 5. Homemade play dough. (Thanks, Kristen!) 6. These random larva were hatching from tiny eggs on our window. 7. With Daddy. 8. Eden telling C and A her numbers. Fun day–they stayed for lunch and our girls were elated.

1. Smiley boy. 2. The girls enjoying afternoon tea and classical music while the man-child snorted in his sleep upstairs. 😉 3. Father’s day…attempting to get a family photo just before Skyping Daniel’s parents. Hehe. 4. Something above was interesting. 5. Part of my Father’s Day gift to Daniel. 6. Justus, at his first church service…which he slept through. 7. “Daddy’s best friend.” Special shirt from our neighbors, who just moved away. 🙁 8. My Father’s Day-eve gift to Daniel: Bacon popcorn (not so good) and root beer (o so good).

1. We made a foil river on a very hot day. 2. Palm trees for lunch. 3. Our “experiment:” vinegar+baking soda=fizzy! 4. Daniel made this. O my. Best pork loin evah. 5. Comparing Hana Kate and Justus. 6. Chasing butterflies. 7. Sweet. 8. 6 days out of 7, HK is probably wearing this white dress at some point in the day. And somehow, it’s still mostly white.

1. Eden and Hana Kate were thrilled to be at Happy Cow Creamery! (And flushed, as it was 95 degrees. Whew.) 2. Happy cows. “Stinky cows,” says Hana Kate. “Let’s make a cow-scented candle,” said no one ever. 3. Happy is hiding beneath the heat. 4. How HK walked around most of the afternoon. But really, she loved it. She said things like, “Daddy, I want to go tell the cows ‘thank you’ for giving us milk.” (They each received their own personal, verbalized “thank you.”) And, “Mommy, I don’t want to live at our house anymore. I only want to live at this farm.” 5. Going yard-sale-ing is my way of understanding what deer hunting was to my dad (minus the guns, blood, and death, hopefully). So, I was excited to find this brand new Carhartt outfit for Justus. Just wish my dad were here to show it to. And meet Justus. My first yardsale post-Justus. Only a 45-minute jaunt. 6. Favorite sleeping spot. 7. Those Pinterest ladies are so creative. These ones make their own sand? 🙂 8. Hanging out with Daddy.

1. Our subdivision had an ice cream social. It was a great way for us to meet some new people. And get ice cream all over our faces. 2. Sunday afternoon nap. 3. Sweet girl. 4. Daniel and I made slow roast over cheesy ranch grits. Yumma yum. 5. Pictures do not always capture a thousand giggles. 6. Daniel’s traditional Saturday pancakes. Only this this time, pink ones were requested. He obliged. 7. Another yard-sale find: Mr. Potato Head. (Yes, I did too much too soon this weekend. 🙁 Feeling fine physically, but sensing my emotions are telling me to slow it back a bit.) 8. Loving the farm, even if one must hold her nose. 🙂

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