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Two Weeks

June 7, 2012

Two weeks have flown by so quickly. I’m already sad that the “fresh” newborn days are passed. That birthy scent no longer lingers, but I’m still loving the smell of his little head and soft, sweet baby’s breath. We spent most of the days between week one and week two adjusting to my body and Justus’s hunger needs regulating my milk supply. Meanwhile, he’s still sleeping well at night-usually only grunting to signal he’s hungry and then falling back asleep as he eats. A few times I’ve sat up to feed him, and cherish those moments, as well. And I also realized he probably needs changed at least once in the night since we’re using cloth, though that doesn’t happen every night.

He’s still really into sleeping, sleeping around 18-20 hours a day (not all at once, of course) His time awake is often spent fussy, and he seems frustrated already that he can’t be more active. When he’s fully awake, he’s very alert, and attentive to loud sounds, movement, and anything/anyone touching him. He loves to hear his sisters’s voices, and they love to marvel at his soft feet and head, and to bring him toys galore! His favorite activity is staring at the ceiling fan. šŸ˜‰

Music and white noise seem to calm some of his fussiness. He especially likes it when I sing “Jesus Loves Me,” and he likes to listen to a recording of “By Faith.” With our girls, we’ve chosen a hymn for each of them, but this time we hadn’t picked one out specifically before the birth. So I think we’re going to go with “By Faith” for Justus.

Our girls had a rough first week (mostly adjusting to an extra visitor, Daddy’s busyness, and Eden’s cold; they seemed to love “baby”), but seem to be falling back into a less emotional routine. We’re also very thankful for the meals that friends from church brought by over the last week and days, which have been a niceĀ reprieveĀ for the current chef (Daniel).

The same day Justus turned two weeks old, Julie, our doula for his birth, came for our postpartum visit. We debriefed about the birth together, and shared some special moments. She also shared a very special gift with us: a special spoon crafted by a girl who was rescued from slavery (from Cambodia, where her sister and brother-in-law are missionaries with IJM), a meaningful card (with a picture of another girl rescued from human trafficking), and her red mothercord/yarn that she wore during my pregnancy to remind her to pray for our birth.

Part of what Julie wrote captures our heart for what we pray for Justus’s life (and we never even officially explained his name to Julie–she understood what we want his name to communicate):

“This spoon was crafted by girls who were rescued from bondage.

It is my gift and my reminder to your son. With a name so powerful and parents and sisters so strong and faithful, he will, no doubt, free some captives in this world. My prayers for you and your precious family.”

We are thankful.

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