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Life in Instagram: 06.01.12

June 4, 2012

I know, it’s not June 1, anymore. But that’s when I started this post and saved the picture files… These start just before Justus’s birth and then morph into “Justus in Instagram.” Funny how a being in love with a new baby does that. 😉

1. One of many random household projects that occupied Daniel’s pre-baby time. Replacing the faucet. On his lunch break. 2. Summer haircut for Hana Kate. 3. Hana Kate brushing Eden’s hair. 4. Came across this bit of “I need marriage advice” and had to LOL. 🙂 Hopefully in the weeks it took to submit the question and wait for it to be published, the “what do I do?” got resolved on it’s own? 5. This one also made me laugh. Note that Katie is 10. 6. Peaceful moments. 7. the girls enjoying dressing up their little mice. 8. We were still wondering which one of these little outfits our new one would get to wear. The pink one has since been returned to Costco. 🙂 

1. Oh, just standing on Daddy. 2. Daddy hugs. 3. Daniel enjoying my anniversary gift to him. I was so excited to 1)be able to go yardsaling two Saturdays before our baby arrived and 2)find this propane grill for just $25 right in time to “gift” him with it. He’d been wanting one for a while, but I knew I could probably find one at a yard sale–so thankful for God’s special provision. 4. Silly girl… 5. Hana Kate picked some flowers for me at the field. 6. From a few weeks back, Daniel took a pic of me and Eden during church. Eden spent a looong time just looking at her coloring book. 7. Also from earlier when out-of-town friends were here; Hana Kate requested to take a picture with her new friends. 🙂 8. Korean snack. My in-law’s were eating this snack when we Skyped them a few weeks ago, and just a day after that I found that World Market carries these. We liked them.

1. Hana Kate excited to get some mail from Aunt Christa. 2. Girls giving each other hugs. There was a reason they had their shirts off…but I can recollect no such detail. 3. Eden once again enjoying her coloring book. 4. New dress-up clothes. 5. Eden got a “boo-boo” about an hour before bedtime and wanted to cuddle. Fell asleep in my arms as I was giving her a back massage. 6. Tried bulgogi. Daniel grilled. Not bad. 7. Excited to retrieve their now-clean friends from the dryer. 8. Eden wanted to hold my hand. 🙂

1. Snuggly guy (though the correct order starts at the bottom right for this set). 2. His first morning waking up with us. 3. Sleeping-his first night. 4. Just a couple of hours old. 5. One of many storms the evening before my water broke/I went into labor. Headed to Panera to meet my friend Kristen. 6. Enjoying Frog and Toad. 7. “Mommy, I hugging da baby.” 8. We enjoyed a short visit with Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Christa, and Anna Grace & Nate.

1. My midwife Carey at the 24-36 hour checkup. 2. So squishy and so sleepy. 3. Cuddling with Carey. 4. Sweet friend Kristen brought me some Panera food. 5. mid-sneeze. 6. love. 7. Daniel took the girls to Publix the morning after J was born, and HK picked out this pretty plant for me. 🙂 8. Cuteness.

1. nighttime activities 2. Eden loving baby brother. 3. A blister from sucking on his wrist in the womb. Has them on his ankles, too. 🙂 4. a smitten Eden. 5. Still pre-clothes. 6. Smitten Daddy. 7. He usually sleeps with a hand near his mouth. 8. Sleep smiles.

1. Kristen and Justus. 2. Skype with my sister in Japan. Justus was also introduced to his grandparents in Korea via Skype. 3. Sweet sleeper. 4. Ashlyn brought me a Mayan calendar from Belize and a cupcake from Gigi’s cupcakes. I ate…most of it. 😉 5. Ash and Justus. 6. Justus with the toys his sisters wanted him to play with. 7. Looking manly. 8. Hanging with Daddy.

1. getting re-weighed…up to 9lbs., 14oz.! (this is why my arms are sore) 2. you guessed it…sleeping. 3. opening eyes a little. 4. baby toes. 5. Enjoying one of my favorites, “bean and rice bowls”  by Kristen. Though, I’m pretty sure I like her version best. 6. One special thing Daniel wanted to do for me after Justus arrived was to bring me a meal from High Cotton. He did. So sweet of him. 7. Precious. 8. Daniel picked these wild flowers for me.

1. HK and Justus. Both girls love to hold his hands. 2. Eden, rubbing the head. 3. We tried another round of bulgogi (Korean BBQ), grilled again by Daniel. This time I’d purchased a premarinated pack from Trader Joe’s. Daniel liked this verion better and said it tasted more like the real stuff. 4. Family Bible time. 5. Snuggles. 6. So funny when HK tries to carry Eden. 7. They also love to drag each other around by the legs. 8. Amazing meal grilled by Daniel. (Marriage advice: buy your husband a grill before you have a baby!)

1. Can’t get over him. 2. Opening eyes more. Eden missing her shorts. 😉 3. Blue eyes! 4. Showing Justus the pinwheel our friend Jenni brought over. This is where an eye was nearly poked out. 5. Hana Kate has taken upon herself the important task of selecting Justus’s wardrobe. 6. Wondering if a feather will tickle baby. Nope. 7. More sleeptime happiness. 8. Eden likes to pretend I’m a “scary bear,” then pretend she is scared.

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