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Happy One Week, Justus!

May 30, 2012

Happy one week to our sweet son, Justus!

I can hardly believe how quickly this first week has passed.

Especially since he spends so much time sleeping! We are in love with this little guy and so thankful he is here already!

This first week has held a few “accomplishments,” most of them probably done while sleeping:

  • holding his head up (day 1-just a few minutes old)
  • rolling over from tummy to back (3 days) (actually, our girls did this, too, but then didn’t repeat until much later; I don’t expect him to, either)
  • losing his cord stump (5 days)
  • first clothes (3 days)
  • lots of smiles in his sleep and now sometime when we talk to him (6 days), though I’m not sure if the latter is by accident or really in response to us
  • finally opening his eyes for extended periods of time (i.e., 15 minutes-45 minutes) (~5 days)
  • our midwife weighed him at 2 visits she made: he was 9lbs., 4oz., at the 24-36 hour checkup, and then already beyond his birth-weight at 5 days, weighing 9lbs., 10oz. My guess is he’ll be up to or close to 10lbs. next time around. No wonder my arms are sore! 🙂
  • He sneezes a lot, and it’s usually 2 sneezes, one right after the other
  • He also seems to enjoy music
He is a strong little boy, and it’s fun to get to use some boy clothes. Today my friend Kristen was over with her almost-5-month little girl. Kristen noted that his hands seems big–as big as her little girl’s. We were surprised that when compared, both his hands and feet were the size of hers, with his hands actually seeming a little bigger! Not sure what this means for his future, but we definitely found it interesting.
His oldest sister loves to pick out his clothes and plan what he’s going to wear. The girls are growing increasingly fascinated with watching him and talking to him, though they were a little shy around him at first. Eden loves to come over and identify each finger on his hands.
A couple of nights ago, Hana Kate’s prayer request for the night was, “Let’s ask God to help Justus grow up faster so I can play with him.” Then tonight, Daniel praised her for being so sweet and gentle with him earlier in the evening. She responded by saying “I really love Justus, Daddy.” The girls were convinced that they didn’t want a brother, only a sister, so I’m glad they don’t seem to mind having a brother. So far no eyes have been poked out (though showing him a pinwheel did come close) and no objects dropped on his head; I consider that a good start for his first week. 🙂

It’s been a good first week, but has passed much more quickly than I expected. My husband is a true hero of the first week–he went immediately from the physically and emotionally taxing job of being my labor support, to taking care of us all, and making sure the house is clean, girls cared for, laundry done, and that the girls, my mom, and I are fed (making many rather amazing meals), and indirectly, that Justus is fed. I have a lot of catching up to do to him with the number of diapers I’ve changed. 🙂 I am feeling fairly well, but continue to deal with walking being painful (again, due to SPD).

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  • Chelo June 2, 2012 at 6:57 am

    These are precious pictures, Keren! I love his peaceful face and smile on the first picture. And what a handsome chin! I just love baby pictures.