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Life in Instagram: 05.19.12

May 20, 2012

Our last few weeks have been much fuller than we normally would choose, but they have been wonderful times and we’ve been able to get together with old college friends and enjoy some special times together. I’ve always known May was busy, but this one has been especially so when thrown into the mix a pregnancy that sometimes leaves us wiped out much more than just a normal busy phase would. So, now I’m trying to document for myself (and perhaps the 3 other people who might be interested in these kinds of updates) the last few weeks (now almost over a month ago) of Instagram pics. I’m past 40 weeks now, so our new baby should be here soon. And things start to slow down around here this week. Very excited!

1. Eden getting the mail with me. 2. A colder day. 3. She loves the feel of grass between her toes. 4. Hana Kate relabeled her clothing drawers. 5. Roses that our sweet neighbor brought over (from his garden) one day when I wasn’t feeling well. 6. sunsets out here are so beautiful! 7. Learning with Daddy. 8. So fun!

1. painting the house! I came back from an appointment to find the girls quietly playing by themselves and Daniel painting. HK was so excited to be able to paint a little, too. 2. Homemade granola with homemade vanilla pudding. I have craved random homemade foods like pudding, mashed potatoes, and boiled eggs recently. I used the recipe here, which I’ve enjoyed several times. 3. Backstreets of Greenville. Most of my midwife appointments are home visits, but I’ve had a few where we’ve met at Natural Baby downtown. There was no parking nearby, so I enjoyed my scenic route through the alley. 4. Hana Kate making pudding with me. 5. My inbox. Once upon a time. There’s a reason I took a picture of it empty… 6. Having fun with HK. 7. HK had rest time with me one day when Eden took a nap. 8. Trader Joe’s pre-made crème brûlée. Yum.

1. We enjoyed a Sunday in downtown Greenville several weeks ago, right before Daniel’s birthday. Hana Kate loves bubble tea from O-cha Tea Bar. 2. Lunch downtown. 3. Beautiful old buildings. 4. Using up Daniel’s “free birthday meal” at Moe’s. 5. Family trip to some fields near an airport. The girls see wide open spaces and know they must be used for running and running and running… 6. Us. So thankful for my amazing husband and friend. 7. So much fun. 8. Checking out our shadows.

1. Sisters 2. Ready to head to the pool with Daddy! 3. Magnolia flowers in our subdivision. 4. Succumbing to the inevitable after an enjoyable, but tiring day. 5. More of our Sunday afternoon downtown. Enjoying popcorn and sodas from Mast General store. 6. Hanging out with Eden after the skinned knee. 7. Hana Kate LOVES anything called hiking. 8. A sad little girl finds comfort in her Daddy’s arms after falling and skinning her knee. (Which usually leaves her fearful to walk again for a while.)

1. Blood pressure went a little scarily high one night. Had a couple of weeks where I had some issues with these sort of episodes but all seems well. 2. Magnified. 3. Met Gigi of Gigi’s cupcakes. 4. Psalm 73:26 5. For Daniel’s birthday, we went downtown Greenville to High Cotton. Their lunches are amazing and fairly inexpensive for the superb (and healthy) quality! I had duck confit over grits, which was part of the $10 Lunch Express that day. We ate outside and the weather was perfect, and we all really enjoyed it. Though, Daniel ate most of his meal with Eden in his lap. 🙂 6. I also had an appointment that day, and between that, lunch out, and feeling miserable earlier in the day, I was afraid I wasn’t going to get a cake in. But I surprised Daniel by making a cake while he took the girls out on an errand after supper. The best part was this icing–this yummy caramel icing. 7. Birthday cake as a bedtime snack. Of course. 🙂 The girls thought Daniel needed an animal cake. I always think Daniel needs an ice cream cake. Or a chocolate one. But he wanted a circle, white/yellow cake. Pretty easy to please. 🙂 8. Enjoying our lunch at High Cotton earlier in the day.

1. Fun chairs at a wedding. 2. Loved this pic of Eden’s profile. 3. My sad souvenir (i.e., traffic warning) I picked up while “lost” on the Greenville Memorial Hospital campus…a very pregnant women (me), searching for the location for my aquatic physical therapy (turns out it was on a different road altogether) and driving through a construction area. Apparently, there was a stop sign hidden in the construction zone that I didn’t stop for. Yes, I cried. I’ve been pulled over for speeding once before, knew I was guilty, and wished I could have cried then. 😉 But this time I was lost, soon to be late, and unable to even bend down and get my registration. Hormones… But, if a police officer pulls over a very pregnant women on hospital premises, shouldn’t he first ask her if she needed help? Not this guy… 🙁 4. Cuddles with Eden. 5. Eden sharing her weeds. 6. Prenatal appointment in our living room. Hana Kate loves to watch my midwife appointments sometimes. 7. Advice: leave the shirt off for the 2-year-old licking the chocolate banana bread batter. 8. Daniel made me some “perfect” hard-boiled eggs one night when my body was needing some extra protein. Did you know there’s a way to make them “perfect?” (No blue/green around the yolk.) They even taste different. Here’s one of many links that explain how-to.

1. Worn out from the wedding. 2. Hanging out with Eden. 3. Eden loves her Minnie Mouse coloring book. She was mesmerized with one page for about 10 minutes, and the other week in church she looked at it for most of the service. 4. Enjoying the reception–this picture makes me laugh when I look at the different facial expressions. 5. Bacon as reception food? Yes. 6. Hana Kate and her new BFF, “Aunt Christa.” 🙂 7. Hanging out for the wedding. 8. Eden enjoying downtown.

1. Sign at therapy clinic. 2. After a busy Sunday of gathering with the church, going out to eat, and having friends over, Eden sat next to me in the chair and fell asleep. 3. Friends + toys, girls and boys. 4. Table for 11, please! 5. Eden bearing precious gifts of grass food. 6. Enjoying a sunset with friends. 7. Hana Kate serving pizza for “Uncle Brian.” 8. Thankful for 6 years of marriage.

1. Salad with our garden lettuces. 2. Morning cuddles with Daddy. 3. Eden loves to feel “the baby.” 4. Typical scene of our girls playing in the morning, each of them doing their typical thing at this season. 5. HK dressed her turtle up. “She’s going to a wedding,” she told us. 6. The pool. was. very. cold. My physical therapist wants me to do some of my exercises there when it’s warm enough…it’s only been warm enough (and uncrowded enough) once so far. 7. Ahh! 8. Random clutter at the PT office…and what I’m trying to avoid by getting therapy now.

1. Just catching up on some church history lessons with Uncle Andrew. 2. Hide and seek with Uncle Andrew. Found him in the bathtub! 3. Hana Kate set the table…and thought everyone should receive a fresh pea pod from the garden, as well. 🙂 4. dessert–way to go on this recipe for Double Chocolate Nutella Banana Bread, Audrey! We’ve pretty much only used it for dessert, though. Goes great served with homemade vanilla pudding. 5. Never know what you might find in the dishwasher. 6. The artist at work. 7. Daniel kindly assisted me in taking some time for a personal retreat before the baby comes. Signed up for Panera Rewards that day and got a free smoothie and pastry. Yum. 8. another, yes…sunset

1. A little Lego action. 2. Daniel having some intense conversation–glad to have our friends Andrew and Bethany visit. 3. Hana Kate just sat and stared at the garden for a looong time. 4. Sunday afternoon nap. 5. Eden was delighted to see a giant Elmo. They recently saw a clip of Elmo, and think it is the funniest name/word! 5. Celebrating 6 years of marriage. 7. Mother’s Day and our anniversary fell on the same day. My sweet husband brought me breakfast in bed. He made those scrumptious waffles, too! 8. Ironica mix of mail. (Grrr…don’t even get me started on the article and Time magazine. ;))

1. Lovely candles. 2. Butterfly art. 3. Eden tasting the dessert selection. 4. Checking out the Reedy River. 5. Botany lessons: Hana Kate has been asking me to cut seed pods and buds in half for her so she could look inside. Who knew we’d be having dissection lessons at 4-years. Hopefully a few more years before she brings me a frog and a knife. Thankfully, I saved my dissection kit. 🙂 6. Sprinkles on the wall. 7. Celebrating our anniversary/Mother’s Day at High Cotton. We don’t typically eat out on Mother’s Day, so we celebrated midweek for lunch. We had hoped for outdoor seating since the wait for food is sometimes long, but the girls did great patiently sitting inside. Not so great on my attempt to get a family photo. 8. Eden playing with her third cousin. (At least, I think that is the familial relationship we’ve got going on here.) Either way, we had fun together. Litte A loved playing with our pom poms and was so sweet, and I enjoyed talking with my second cousin-in-law (so fun to try to figure this all out, though I don’t think I did). 🙂

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  • Lydia (Thrifty, Frugal Mom) May 21, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    So glad you liked the caramel icing. 🙂 Now you are making me hungry for it again!

    And best wishes on the birth of your baby…always an exciting time! I wish that I could say I looked as good in my 3rd trimester as you do!

    • Keren May 30, 2012 at 8:02 pm

      Thanks, Lydia! I didn’t realize that your recipe was part of a personal blog! Now I am getting hungry for some more. 🙂

  • Susanna May 22, 2012 at 7:55 am

    We made it into one of the instagram posts! Feeling pretty special, pretty special indeed 🙂 We enjoyed our time w/ you guys too! I went out and bought Ali some pom poms of her own the next day. She was pretty thrilled 😀

    • Keren May 30, 2012 at 8:04 pm

      Ha! I had so much fun seeing Ali (especially with the pom poms) and talking with you. Sorry I seemed so exhausted that day. I guess I was. 🙂

  • Julie May 22, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    That interesting back alley isn’t nearly so lovely when I leave the Natural Baby after late night classes. Shiver!

    Yummm, high cotton.

    You have been delisciously busy. Looks like days of joy. Bringing you soon to a landmark day of joy ahead. I can’t wait!