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Still Laughing

May 17, 2012

Both of our girls are still keeping us laughing with the funny things they say. Eden is particularly at a fun speaking age, as she not only has a blossoming 2-year-old vocabulary, but hers comes with a very cute lisp. She, in particular, has said a lot of funny stuff that I’ve failed to get down. But here are a few funnies from both girls:

Eden to HK, very seriously: “Sowwy, I can’t play wif you right now, cause I haf tuh wohk.”

HK from the backseat, while I was driving: (I stopped at a red light, where I was soon the make a right-hand-turn, but I apparently inched up beyond the white stop line.) “Mommy, you didn’t stop on the white line like you were supposed to.” 

She actually plays the role of a backseat driver far too frequently. Earlier this week I was driving and Hana Kate said, “Mommy, are you using two hands to steer the wheel? I can only see one. Please be careful.” This was not even a “driving law” we’d even communicated to her, so guess she came up with this one herself.

Hana Kate does a good job enforcing the rules, which can be both good (at least, helpful) and bad, but sometimes funny, too. (Bad in that it shows us her inclination–like ours was (and sadly still is)–is often toward legalism.) We had a rule (that we told her once) about not singing at the table. So one day when Eden was merely quoting (not singing) the lines from a song to us, Hana Kate was eager to alert us all that she was breaking the rule of no singing at the table. 🙂

Hana Kate is also quite sensitive in many areas, and has recently become concerned about us eating animals. Often, she’ll tell us, “I don’t want any animals to have died to eat them for supper,” or “I only want to eat things that don’t have to die.” Though we don’t eat meat every day, she often forgets about it by mealtime and eats without much questioning, anyway. But tonight we were having clam chowder as a side. She looked at the soup, and asked quite curiously, “Are there any animals that are in this soup?” I replied, “Yes, there are just some tiny clams in it.” In shock, she exclaimed “Tiny lambs?!?” For some reason, this really struck me as funny and Daniel and I both started laughing (something I try to avoid,because I remember how hurtful it was to have my own sensitivity/overactive conscience laughed at). Thankfully, she was okay with the clams and thought it was pretty funny, too. Eden kept calling hers “lamb chowder,” and then said, “We’re eating lamb soup! Little baby ‘Baa-baa’ soup!” (“baa-baa” is what they once called sheep) and continued to laugh herself.

Another funny from today:

Hana Kate had requested me to do about 3 things for her, making her requests in rapid succession. As she was about to ask me to help her to do yet another, I said something like, “Just be patient, Hana Kate. You just asked Mommy to do something several things all at the same time. Do you think Mommy can do them all at the same time?”

Hana Kate solemnly replied, “No,” and then her face lit up and she exclaimed, “But Daddy can!” Which is probably at least partially true. 😉

I put this on Facebook several weeks back now, but want to remember it on here, too:

[One] Sunday morning during church, Eden was sitting on (what’s left of) my lap. She suddenly turned around with a frustrated look on her face and said, “Mommy, Some-fing hard keepth poking my back!” The baby inside was kicking hard enough that she felt it. 🙂

Right now, Eden has in her head that birds not only lay eggs, but they eat them, too. Same with cows: they “give us milk,” but they also drink it. So today when I was drinking some milk, Eden excitedly exclaimed to my 40-weeks-pregnant self, “Mommy! You’re a cow!” Explained by adding, “You’re a cow cause you’re drinking milk. Cows drink milk and cows give us milk.” Whew. Kind of.

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