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Life in Instagram: 04.26.12

April 26, 2012

1.silly faces of Eden 2. chilling on a Sunday afternoon, just reading Time Magazine. 3. Spray bottles: adding 2 more hours of outdoor play. 4. Hana Kate frying the onions. She thinks onions are fascinating and wants them to make her cry. Thankfully, they haven’t. 🙂 5. cool clouds. 6. painters. 7. more dirt therapy 8. an Instagram picture about an Instragram article.

1. sadness. Pool, y u no open! (Repairs) 2. the girls wanted to read from a different Bible than usual. 3. Eden playing with light and Magna-Tiles, one of our most frequently played with toys around here. 4. A pretend meal. I was told that the sticks are actually chopsticks. 🙂 5. Catwomen. Actually, I think Eden’s was a bear. 6. cutting projects. 7. I stopped at the new QT that came to Greenville. Probably not a good idea for a health-splurge, but it’s a pretty nice gas station. 8. Hana Kate told me that the double-pom stack was actually the bear’s sunglasses. 🙂

1. Daily thankful to be married to such a wonderful man, who loves our children and his wife soo much. Hana Kate drew her appreciative picture of Daddy. And the shirt? It says “Be Nice to Your Kids.” He designed it and then special-ordered. 🙂 2. watching a lightning storm. 3. getting ready for baby! 4. more cutting. 5. hard at play. 6. “We can both fit on da thair!” 7. Chicken hearts. 8. 2 weekends ago… fundraising for more nesting. 🙂 Thanks to our friends, the Sands, for helping. Actually, that was pretty much my final day of being physically able to keep nesting. 🙂

1. sleeping beauty. 2. Harry Potter? 3. “Hey Mommy! Eden fell asleep on the chair!” Indeed, she did. 4. Hana Kate started drawing “suns” for every person she could think of. She asked me their favorite colors and then she drew a sun specifically for them (though they have yet to be delivered). 5. Eden making breakfast. 6. the source of the snoring noise I heard one night. 7. Cold and rainy? We can still play outside! 🙂 8. Best granola. Ever. Made by Daniel and the girls. Recipe here. Seriously, this is the best I’ve had.

1. the living room at night…phase three. painted and just waiting for a few more final touches. 2. final final dr.’s appt for this baby. SC midwife clients are required to have 2 dr. appointments. 3. Daniel watching our girls and our friends, Timothy and Aydelyn, during the yard sale. 4. My post-yard sale trip to Ikea. Longest line ever for me at Ikea. Most tiring day in a long, long time. 5. Working hard to spread our new mulch. 6. Family landscapers. 7. sweet girl. 8. Eden playing ever so neatly during rest time.

These pics aren’t in order and go through April 20…still catching up on life after a brief period of “nesting,” lots of appointments, and back to dealing with a rough phase of SPD. Oh how quickly these days go by; thankful to have a few of our memories captured to look back at! And working on preparing more for this baby by slowing down and purposefully resting.

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